Remy Ma Brushes Off Lil Kim Diss Track, Says She Didn’t Take Offense

After recently being dissed by Lil Kim on a freestyle she did over 50 Cent’s “I Get Money,” Remy Ma had a few words for the pint sized rapper. Via an interview on DJ Kay Slay’s Siruis Satellite show, Remy revealed that she had heard the diss freestyle, and she ain’t really worried about it.

“That little boy better live me alone,” Remy said during the interview, referring to Lil Kim. “She was saying ‘I’m going at [Remy] hard, she go hard to me, so I go hard back.’ I feel like if that’s going at me hard, like seriously, I’m just gonna chill out. That’s crazy to me.”

Despite brushing off the disses as nothing serious, Remy had a few disses for Kim herself. Referring to lines Kim spat on the freestyle, referencing Remy’s single “Conceited,” Remy attacked Kim’s physical appearance asking how can she be conceited when she had done so much to alter her appearance.

“What did she say? ‘Put it on my lipstick, I was to be busy being conceited,'” Remy asked. “Like, how could you be conceited, you don’t even like your own face. What are you talking about? Are you serious? How was I supposed to take that offensive?

“I don’t believe you,” she continued. “You don’t like your nose, you don’t like your cheeks, you don’t like your chin, you don’t like your skin color, you don’t like your tits, you don’t like your stomach, you don’t like your teeth. What are you talking about?”

Remy Ma went on to say that she did not feel threatened whatsoever, but if she did, she said everyone knows what would happen.

“When I really feel like it’s amusing, when I feel like someone’s getting at me, then I’ll drag them all over the first spot that I see them of course,” Remy explained. “But in the meantime, in between time… like this chic has more ghostwriters than Foxy [Brown]. I just feel like right now she’s reaching.”

The beef between the two female MCs stem from the Queen of New York crown, of which both feel they hold. As of right now, Remy said she isn’t going to respond on record.

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