Spliff Star Not Leaving Flipmode, Pledges Allegiance To Busta Rhymes

Before Thanksgiving a story made its way to the net where Flipmode Squad former member, Rampage, stated that all the original members — including Spliff Star, Rah Digga and Baby Cham — were leaving to start their own group, FMS (Famous Millionaires Squad).

Despite Rampage’s statements, member Rah Digga denied the reports to Allhiphop.com, and now, Spliff Star is doing the same.

“I left Flipmode almost a year ago, so that whole story is ridiculous,” Rah Digga told AllHipHop.com last wee,. “I would consider doing another squad album for the right price, because I still got love for my dudes and we made some hot records together.”

When recently speaking to MTV, Spliff said that he had no idea what Rampage was talking about and pledged his allegiance to Flipmode founder, Busta Rhymes.

“I don’t know what the f*** Rampage is talking about,” Spliff told MTV last week. “I know me, Rampage, Rah Digga and Baby Cham, everybody is doing their side things. Spliff Star is Flipmode though. Because not only is Busta my CEO and the boss of the sh**, that’s my brother. I’m not about all that ‘Busta ain’t down.’ I’m down with everything Busta does, just like he’s down with everything I do. … And all that Rampage said about Busta and the cops, all that is bullsh**. … Besides that, me and Busta are still rocking. I’m a loyal cat. Robin won’t leave Batman. Me and Busta are Batman and Robin.”

In fact, Spliff is working on his own indie project — his debut, About Time, while being Busta’s hypeman and helping Busta with his next Aftermath release.

“Busta be acting like he don’t got a deal,” the rapper said. “He works hard. His album is crazy now, man. Him and Pharrell just did a monster. We just did a show last night in Denver — us, Chamillionaire and E-40. After the show, Busta and E-40 was in a hotel working on Pro Tools, and they have a banger. And guess who produced it? 40’s son Droopie. No samples either.

“Later on, I have a street album coming called Contraband, which is on my own label, Paper Route Records. That’s coming out on Flipmode/ Paper Route,” he continued.

According to Spliff, Flipmode is now himself, Bsta and Wreak the Villain and they are working on a new mixtape called The Full Course Meal with Queen’s mixtape DJ, Superstar Jay, which he says is “strictly hot street sh**.”

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