David Banner Explains Constant Album Delays, Diversifies Portfolio

David Banner’s fourth album seems like its release date just keeps being pushed back and it has, but according to the producer / rapper / actor, there’s a reason for it.

Making a stop at Hennessy’s Flaunt Your Taste party in Los Angeles on Friday (November 16) recently, Banner explained that his new album, The Greatest Story Ever Told, is coming next year, but with the film roles and cartoon on Adult Swim he has coming up, he wanted to let his movie fan base translate into music fans.

“Being that the movie stuff is going so good for me, I thought it was smart I learned from T.I. last year. You know, if you’re gonna acquire more fans, it would be a lot smarter… just pull the album back, build a brand, more than just drop an album because I got so many other things coming up,” David Banner told BallerStatus.com. “Might as well diversify your portfolio, drop the album after everybody know about David Banner because the movie and political side is bringing in so many new fans, so why not just pull the album back and drop the album after you acquire all those new fans?”

And he is right. Like T.I. did to set up his King album to coincide with the release of his acting debut on “ATL, David Banner is letting his upcoming movie roles garner more fans.

The rapper has upcoming roles in “This Christmas” (starring Delroy Lindo, Regina King and Lauren London), and “Days Of Wrath” (starring Laurence Fishburne, Wilmer Valderrama and rappers Rick Ross and Slim Thug), as well as an “That Crook’d ‘Sipp,” an animated show on the Adult Swim network. His previous film credit includes “Black Snake Moan,” which starred Samuel L. Jackson.

Despite his stock rising in Hollywood, Banner is still working hard on his music. Production-wise, he has been working on several new projects. He says he will have credits on five tracks from Lil Wayne’s long awaited Tha Carter 3 album, Snoop Dogg’s forthcoming album and T.I.’s next album as well.

Additionally, he will grace upcoming covers of The Source and Ozone magazine. So, looks like he is right on with pushing his album back, as he lines up his plan for its set up.

The Greatest Story Ever Told
is slated to hit stores in March of 2008.

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