Chamillionaire, Paul Wall Reunite Onstage In Texas

Paul Wall and Chamillionaire on stage together at Texas State University on Wednesday (November 7)

Houston, Texas rappers, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire, officially deaded their long-running beef on Wednesday night (November 7) during a performance at Texas State University.

Chamillionaire, who is currently a headlining act on BET’s Black College Tour, took the stage Wednesday night, performing several of his songs before he surprised over 2,000 concertgoers by bringing rival Paul Wall on stage to perform “N Luv Wit My Money,” a track from their album together as the Color Changin’ Click called Get Ya Mind.

(Check out the video of the performance here)

Although stunts like these are usually planned, this was done at “spur of the moment,” according to what Paul Wall tells

“I was up at Texas Southern University to watch my boy Lil’ Keke perform for BET College Tour and Chamillionaire was there too,” Paul Wall told the site. “He asked me to come out with him and perform our song and we just did it spur of the moment. The crowd was really shocked and excited when they saw us together up there. That was the first time in at least five years we preformed it together.”

The Houston superstars aligned themselves with Swishahouse, but later left and formed the Color Changin’ Click. They dropped their first release dropping in 2002, moving 200,000 independently.

Later though, the duo parted ways on bad terms, in which Chamillionaire continued to release independent records, while Paul Wall returned to the Swishahouse fold.

Since their independent beginnings, the two have become nationwide stars, both inking major label deals and garnering platinum plaques for their major label debuts.

As far as plans to record music together again is yet to be seen.

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