School Overseas Targets Sagging Pants

Sagging pants might be an issue in some parts of the U.S., but others across the world are jumping on the bandwagon as well.

The latest place to try to minister fashion standards on the youth is a school in Stockholm, Sweden, who recently mailed out letters to parents demanding that students pull up their pants.

At Östermalmsskolan, a school in one of Stockholm’s most exclusive neighborhoods declared that displaying rear cleavage as a result of low sagging pants is out of order.

“Lots of people think hanging pants don’t look nice, and this is actually the children’s place of work. It’s not terribly hygienic either,” Agneta Zetterström, headmistress at the school, to local paper Östermalmsnytt.

Despite the schools’ concerns, some parents don’t feel the issue is important.

Hip-hop DJ, Erik Kvarnsmyr, whose 8-year-old stepson attends the school, said the rule was “really silly.”

“I reacted really strongly when I got the letter,” he said. “Schoolteachers shouldn’t be acting as fashion police. Knowledge is the really important thing.”

In the U.S., several cities are trying to make a sagging pants ban a reality. Cities such as Atlanta and Baltimore  have both considered passing laws to ban the fashion trend.

Most recently, a Dallas, Texas company has posted billboards around the city with the words “Pullem’ Up!” written in bold letters across them.

Although some city officials think the ban would be justified others don’t.

Rapper Nelly recently told ous his thoughts on sagging pants, and although he doesn’t necessarily agree, he does say there are certain times and places it’s not appropriate.

“The thing with that is if you want to make such a law — it can’t just end at saggy jeans,” Nelly told “It stems from cleavage, it stems from tight jeans. Because what is your purpose of saying this? Because you don’t like where my belt is? Or you can see my underwear? Maybe that’s part of my outfit.

“Do I agree with it at all times? You don’t need to walk in court sagging. Again, there’s a time and there’s a place. But if cats are just out chillin’, that’s him. I mean I sag. Not when I’m doing meetings or business, but if I’m out chillin’ with the fellas, it’s natural,” the rapper continued.

Dallas’ City Council is currently not taking action on the issue. Attorneys say that legal issues could come from fines given to individuals over what they wear.

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