Lil Wayne Sued By Jeweler Over Unpaid Jewelry

Rapper Lil Wayne was recently sued by a New Orleans jeweler who claims the rapper failed to pay for two pieces of jewelry that cost $170,000.

According to the Miami Herald, New Orleans based Jack Sutton Fine Jewelry has filed a lawsuit against the rapper (real name: Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) in a Miami-Dade Circuit Court, alleging Weezy owes them $146,000 dollars.

The third generation store owner, who sold Wayne the jewelry, says the rapper agreed to buy the $138,000 diamond ring and $32,000 gold and diamond necklace after he described the pieces by phone earlier this year.

In the suit, Wayne is said to have agreed to pay in monthly installments — the first check, received on October 12th for $24,000 and a second for the same amount dated January 18. According to Sutton, after depositing the second check, he learned a stop payment had been issued.

“I’ve been doing business with him for at least 10 years,” Sutton told the Herald. “He’s always been wonderful with paying me.”

Sutton claims he made several attempts at contacting Wayne, via his financial advisor, but was unsuccessful in resolving the matter.

However, despite filing the lawsuit, he says Weezy is “one of my best customers,” adding, “He spent a lot of money with me. I thought we have a really good relationship. I don’t know what happened, unless it’s a misunderstanding.”

Wayne has not publicly to the suit, but his California-based entertainment attorney Ron Sweeney confirmed that Carter has been doing business for years with Sutton without any issues.

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