Dallas Targets Sagging Pants Via Ad Billboards

Dallas, Texas has jumped in line in being the latest U.S. city to target sagging pant lines.

Following attempts by Atlanta and Baltimore, Dallas is beginning to run an ad campaign via billboards posted around the city with the words “Pullem’ Up!” written in bold letters, accompanied a cartoon drawing of a kid sagging his pants so low that his boxer shorts hang out.

According to reports, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway has worked to push the issue to the forefront since he was elected in May, despite the City Council not taking action on the issue.

Attorneys believe that legal issues could come from fines given to individuals over what they wear.

The Hip Hop Government, who designed the billboard campaign, don’t seem to care. So far, there is a billboard at Dallas City Hall and along the Interstate with others expected to follow.

“We represent the citizens, and the citizens were having a problem looking at people with dirty underwear,” Caraway said to Fox News. “Now we’ve found it doesn’t take an ordinance nor does it take a resolution, because they’re now seeing for themselves the need to respect themselves and a respect for society.”

The Hip Hop Government is pushing to get Billboards into other areas surrounding Dallas, including Fort Worth.

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