BMF’s Bleu DaVinci Indicted On Drug Conspiracy Charges

Bleu DaVinci

Southern California native and rapper Bleu DaVinci, BMF Entertainment’s flagship artist, was indicted on Friday (October 8) for conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

The rapper (real name: Barima P. McKnight), along with five other men, who authorities have accused of multiple kilos of cocaine, starting around 2003, were officially named by a U.S. District Court judge in Atlanta who signed an order to officially unseal an indictment that had been filed in July.

According to Creative Loafing Atlanta, Bleu DaVinci is suspected of taking over the BMF Entertainment record label, which the Feds believe is a front for their cocaine trade, after alleged BMF co-leader Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory was indicted two years ago on cocaine conspiracy charges.

Demetrius Flenory, and his brother and alleged co-leader Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, and at least nine of their 40 co-defendants are scheduled for trial November 5th in Detroit, where the Feds believe was the birthplace for their alleged $270 million cocaine enterprise before branching off to both Atlanta and Los Angeles. The brothers both face a continuing criminal enterprise charge, which can carry a mandatory life sentence. reports that DaVinci and the other men indicted are also accused of obtaining fraudulent drivers licenses from an individual working for the State of Tennessee, in an effort to conceal their true identities, upon run-ins with law enforcement, as well as transporting large sums of U.S. currency that are proceeds from the sale and distribution of cocaine that was provided by senior members of BMF.

“It was only by way of their membership in BMF or association there with that defendants were able to gain access to the cocaine that was distributed as part of this conspiracy,” said David E. Nahmias, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, who filed the indictment.

Bleu DaVinci and the five other defendants whose names were revealed last week: Terry “Taz” Biles, Vernon “Wu” Coleman, Michael “Freak” Green, Innocent “Fifty” Guerville, and Deron “D-Shock” Hall, have yet to be apprehended, the Creative Loafing Atlanta reports.

The rapper is the sole artist from the BMF artist roster. Their most recent release was Bleu DaVinci Presents: The World Is BMF’s Vol. 2, a compilation that featured the likes of Yukmouth, Jacki-O, S-Class, and Big Meech himself, among others. It was released through BMF Entertainment through their distribution deal with Koch Records.

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