Lil Mama Keeps 18th B-Day Quiet, Celebrates Birth Of ‘Hip-Pop’

Rapper Lil Mama recently turned 18, and to celebrate her coming of age, she did not throw a wild party like most teenagers would do. Nope, she planned just a quiet day with her family.

The rapper said that there’s no need for a wild bash, and wants to be around the people she loves. “It’s major. [But] it don’t get crazy like that,” Lil Mama told MTV last month of her birthday, which took place last Thursday (October 4). “I think if I don’t do it [relaxed], then I’ll take that day and use it in the wrong way. Celebrating the day I was born and being around the people I love will make me happy, seriously.”

Additionally, the rapper spoke about the birth of a subgenre she called “hip-pop,” a movement she said herself and acts like Soulja Boy are responsible for. In celebration of the genre, Lil Mama came to MTV’s VMAs last month in a baby costume, which she tells MTV was symbolic of the birth of “hip-pop.”

“The birth of hip-pop is more than just pop culture with the dancing and the singing and the rapping and the writing that I do,” she told MTV. “It’s that too, but it’s also my way of life.”

And since she’s celebrating her way of life, she is planning for the release of a new single, titled “Life,” which will be the next single off her yet-to-be-released debut album, Voice of the Young People.

Lil Mama’s first single, “Lip Gloss,” dropped earlier this year and quickly became a nationwide hit, thanks in part to the accompanying dance of the same name. It peaked at no. 10 on Billboard Hot 100 singles chart,, and spawned a remix with Miami rapper Trina.

Voice of the Young People is expected to drop in 2008, but there is no release date currently set.

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