B.G., Lil Wayne Confirm Hot Boys Reunion

Is a Hot Boys reunion in the works? Yep, said Lil Wayne last month, and was confirmed again by B.G.

Although the reunion is not final, the original members are talking about it, and if the business is correct, it’s going down in 2008, according to MTV.

“We was Hot Boys then, now we Hot Men,” B.G. explained to the channel. “We all went our separate ways and proved we can stand on our own — Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile. And Turk is coming [out of jail] soon. We’re all relevant. I know the streets have been demanding it. They wanted it. I did a vote, went out in the public and asked. They’re condoning me, pushing me to do it. Why not give it to them? Hip-hop could appreciate it right now. Why not?”

But, there is one problem — what label the project would be released to. Lil Wayne is still signed with Cash Money Records, who have a deal through Universal, and B.G. and Juvenile are both signed with Atlantic Records. There is one condition as well, both B.G. and Juve has said that they will never do business with Baby again, so where does that leave them?

“Nah, like I said, man, we all pretty much outgrew the situation,” B.G. contended about being on Cash Money. “We’ll find out the ins and outs of the game. If anything, it’ll be [released by] Universal/Atlantic.”

Until the Hot Boys situation is finalized, B.G. continues his solo grind. He is gearing up for the release of his next solo project, Too Hood to Be Hollywood, dropping in February 2008, while Lil Wayne’s Tha CarterΒ III is also expected for next year as well.

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