Mos Def Furious Over Lack Of Support For The Jena 6

Mos Def, who is one of the main artists who lead the rally in Jena, Louisiana in support of the “Jena 6,” is furious over the lack of support shown by the hip-hop community regarding the incident.

In a recent interview with MTV from the small town, the rapper/actor criticized his hip-hop peers, whose priorities include parties and awards shows, but not a trek to Jena to support the rally.

“Shame on everybody who’s not here,” Mos Def told the network. “I’m f***in’ mad. I’m disappointed to always be coming to these things and it’s only one or two people [from the industry here]. If you ain’t gonna use your voice, then be quiet. I’m disappointed and ashamed.”

Bun B, who was one of the only other artists who made the trip to Jena, agreed. “It’s no need to bite your tongue in a situation like this,” Bun concurs.

Mos asked black people of influence, back in September, to join him in Jena, Louisiana, on September 20 for a rally showing support for the students, but obviously, no one listened or took his plea seriously.

UGK’s Bun B heard about the rally and decided to show up.

“I grew up right next to a town where it’s strictly white people,” Bun explained to MTV. “I’ve been privy to these small incidents of violence in these all-white towns. We were blessed to find out about the Jena 6 and were blessed to try to make some type of impact in this community before things went too far.”

According to MTV, a court hearing for Mychal Bell — the only member of the Jena 6 still in jail — has been ordered to take place in the next three days.

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