It’s already starting heavy discussion across the web, but if you haven’t heard about it or seen it on YouTube yet, a fight broke out in New York on Wednesday (September 19) during a music showcase held at SOB’s.

While details are sketchy, a video has popped up — actually two videos showing two very different sides to what happened. But, what is definite is that words were exchanged between Saigon and Prodigy of Mobb Deep, which escalated into an argument, then resulting in fists being thrown by Saigon, striking Prodigy twice in the face.

Immediately following the squabble, pandemonium broke out, where both sides are heard yelling and trying to get at each other, before Siagon is seen being escorted through the crowd by security out the front door.

While one video shows — and even slows down the footage to get a clearer look — Saigon punching Prodigy, another video posted early this morning, which features advertisements for Havoc’s latest album The Kush, shows a very different side of the night’s incident.

In the Mobb Deep endorsed clip, Saigon is show running out the club on a security guard’s back, before — on the screen — words are shown that read “peep him run under the table,” refering to Saigon hiding under a table to stay out of harm’s way.

In a blog posted early Thursday morning (September 20) on Saigon’s official Myspace page, the rapper explains that Prodigy got mouthy with him before he “got rocked,” as Sai explains it.

However, he did admit to exiting the club in a hurry, but he said that there was too many Mobb Deep affiliates — 30 to be exact — to even try, so he left.

“I had already rocked Prodigy, it was time to dip up outta there,” Sai wrote on his blog. “Shout out to Big Chris for the human shield technique, he said, ‘You got em, let’s go,’ and we went.”

According to XXL, the beef stems from an interview Prodigy did earlier this year, where he said he did not like Saigon.

“I don’t like him [Saigon]. I don’t like nobody really. I’m biased. I only like Mobb Deep sh**. Everybody else could suck my d***,” Prodigy said, according to XXL.