Yung Joc Collected $3,000 For Losing Weight

Who gets paid $3,000 to lose weight? Yung Joc does.

As most can tell, since the College Park, Georgia rapper first burst onto the scene with his debut hit single, “It’s Goin Down,” he has transformed himself physically. In fact, from his debut until now, he’s dropped 35 pounds.

It wasn’t just the affection from the ladies that motivated him to lose that much weight in just three months, it was also a bet he took from his record label’s CEO and manager.

In a recent interview with King magazine, the rapper revealed the bet. “Block Entertainment, we all just made a bet,” Joc told the magazine. “We started dieting, eating like five times a day, exercising three to four times a week.”

Since the bet, the rapper collected $1,000 each from his CEO, manager and manager’s assistant. Obviously, he won the bet. Since winning, he’s feeling the effects of having a chiseled bod.

“A lot of women notice it,” the rapper says, “and a lot of ’em wanna get closer.”

Yung Joc made a drastic lifestyle, which he says helped him tremendously. He cut out the carbs, stopped the late night Rocky Road binges and became a gym rat. It was a slow process and now he sees results physically.

“Weights and curling. I [started out] with 20 pounds; now I’m gonna curl up a 90-pound weight. And crunches — you have to do crunches,” the rapper tells the magazine. “Do cardio every time you work out. Just stay on the treadmill and work your way up. I would run for 20 minutes.”

Along with the new physique comes a new album. The rapper recently dropped his sophomore release, Hustlenomics. It’s in stores now.

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