Narcotics Turn Up During Raid Of DMX’s Arizona Home

New information has developed in the recent raid of DMX’s Arizona home on Friday (August 24) and it doesn’t look good for the Yonkers, New York native.

The Associated Press reports that during the search of the rappers home, which was originally during an investigation into claims of animal cruelty, police found approximately a half-pound of suspected illegal narcotics.

Officers in Maricopa County raided DMX’s house on Friday, after neighbors complained to police that dogs were being subjected to the extreme Arizona heat and possible neglect.

As originally reported, 12 pitbulls were seized from the property, along with an unknown number of weapons, but new information has revealed that there were also remains of three burned dog carcasses that were dug up in the yard.

No charges have been filed or arrests made in the case, but according to the AP, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the investigation into alleged animal cruelty was ongoing, and the suspected drugs were being tested to confirm their content.

DMX (real name: Earl Simmons) was not at home during the raid and his lawyer, Murray Richman, has said that he hasn’t been to the property in two months.

Arpaio said there was no indication the dogs seized were used in fights.

Richman also said that X has a caretaker who was supposed to be taking care of the dog and that “all sorts of people” had been staying at the home. He said he had no knowledge of any narcotics.

Although police say that witnesses have placed the 36-year-old rapper at the home within the past three weeks, Richman denies the allegations.

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