Hurricane Chris Is A Bay Bay

“A Bay Bay” blew on the scene months ago and at the same time Hurricane Chris blew up with it. Suddenly there was more talent out of Louisiana besides Lil Weezy.

Hurricane Chris comes with a whole new sound, a whole new flow and is adding a whole new look to down south music. This new sound suddenly brings some new questions to hip-hop. Is he more than a catchy line or two? What is the Ratchet Movement?

Rapping since the age of 10, Hurricane Chris claims that he comes with a “raw talent” that only he can bring. From that statement some would think that he is making some boisterous claims about himself. He is finally here to answer those questions and more. Lastly the question we all want to know is “What exactly does A Bay Bay mean?” Where did you get the concept for the “A Bay Bay” song?

Hurricane Chris: It actually comes from a DJ song. He’s a DJ in this club called Cocoa Pevis. His credit so strong in the club that every time they walk in the club, they changed his name. It got so strong that we made a song. Wait a minute, I also read somewhere that your pretty young. What do you know about the club? (laughs)

Hurricane Chris: I’m 18. I been in the music game for so long with that comes the club scene. What is your connection with the Ratchet Movement?

Hurricane Chris: The Ratchet Movement is Shreveport, Louisiana. It’s us. It’s my city movement. What is that? Is it a crew?

Hurricane Chris: It’s our culture. It’s how we walk, how we talk, how we eat, how we dress. Our whole attitude about ourselves is called a Ratchet. You said you been rapping for a while. How long have you been rapping?

Hurricane Chris: Ten Years. So you been rapping since you was 8. What were you rapping about at 8?

Hurricane Chris: I wrote my first rap when I was 8 and won a school talent show. Do you have any concerns about “A Bay Bay” being a one hit wonder? Everything is so snappy and catchy.

Hurricane Chris: We not really worrying about the one hit wonder thing. We got a whole movement behind it. You see us in the video doing the hand claps. We got another song about that coming out. I got another single; it’s a remix of the Earth, Wind and Fire song. I got Collipark on the beat. I got an album coming out this fall called 5150. Check out my Myspace ( and you can see my appearances and all that. If you weren’t rapping now then what would you be doing?

Hurricane Chris: If I wasn’t rapping, I would be in the hood. Doing what?

Hurricane Chris: I don’t know what I would be doing, but I would be in the hood. That’s what I was doing before. Do you think that you’re type of rap reflects Louisiana or is it more universal?

Hurricane Chris: It reflects Shreveport, Louisiana, but on another level it reflects the street level. We different from any city in Louisiana. What makes ya’ll different?

Hurricane Chris: Our whole music scene different. The dance scene and the club scene. The whole surrounding is different. You gotta come to Shreveport and go to Cocoa Pellis. Where did you get the name Hurricane Chris?

Hurricane Chris: I got that name because I use to be a battle rapper. They said I use to embarrass dudes so bad that the crowd would be silent and they say that after a storm it’s silent. Oh okay. So you got a little flow, that’s what you telling me?

Hurricane Chris: Yeah, you gone see me make sure you get that album it’s called 5150. The next singles are “How Players Rock” and “The Hand Clap.” We got the “A Bay Bay (Remix).” I heard the remix. How did you connect with E-40?

Hurricane Chris: We reached out to them and they saw the movement. We just made it happen. Everybody came out to the video, we all vibed. Real recognize real. Do you see rap as your final career? Is this something you’re going to do for the rest of your life?

Hurricane Chris: I don’t see it as my final career. I can see me doing it for a long time. But at the same time, I can see me doing real estate. I got my own independent record label, Go Live Entertainment. I got artists. We kicking the door down. You are a young guy. What do you think when the old school rappers get on the new school rappers saying things like you guys aren’t hip-hop?

Hurricane Chris: Whatever, you do, do you. If that’s how you feel, then that’s how you feel. Don’t try to do what the world doing because they could be going the wrong way. I try to bring my own style into the game. So you don’t have an opinion about them saying “hip hop is dead?”

Hurricane Chris: I mean, hip-hop ain’t dead. It changed. You either gonna roll with it or you gonna get rolled over. Why do you think hip-hop isn’t dead?

Hurricane Chris: You can say its artists that you don’t like, but how you gonna say hip-hop is dead? Think of the people who said hip-hop is dead. How many people in the game say hip-hop is dead versus the people who saying it’s not? I don’t see it happening in no shape for or fashion. It’s changing and you got to get with the program. If you could work with any rapper, who would it be?

Hurricane Chris: I like Luda. I like that boy Jay. I like Weezy. He go hard. I have worked with Jadakiss, E-40, Rich boy, Jim Jones. Any R&B singers?

Hurricane Chris: I just did a song with Fantasia. The remix to “When I See You.” I’d like to work with Beyonce and Kelly. Any songs on the album for the ladies?

Hurricane Chris: The album got lady cuts, club bangers, something for the streets. That’s why I said I focus on versatility. I wanna capture everybody in the album. Are there any other definitions to “A Bay Bay?”

Hurricane Chris: It just means fo sho. It’s a positive thing. I must say you blew up. Several months ago, my girlfriend from Atlanta was singing your song and I hadn’t heard it. I’m in Chicago. She was telling me how hot it was. Now it’s everywhere.

Hurricane Chris: A Bay Bay. Anything else you want to add?

Hurricane Chris: Hit up my Myspace ( You can hit me up on my personal line 225-341-3110. You leave a message and the ones I like I put on Myspace or I might answer. That’s hot.

Hurricane Chris: I’m networking with my fans. They make you or break you.

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