Celebrities Battle To Become The Next ‘Rap Superstar’

MTV will launch a new show next Thursday (August 30) where viewers will get to witness some of today’s celebrities try a hand in the rap game. The new show, called “Celebrity Rap Superstar,” will team celebrities up with their personal rap mentors to help them hone their skills as a rapper.

The cast will include rapper mentors Tone Loc, Warren G and more, while celebrity contestants announced so far include Perez Hilton. A source close to the show revealed to BallerStatus.com that comedian/actor Kevin Hart will also be a contestant on the show this season as well.

During a promo for the show on MTV, it shows mentor Tone Loc lecturing Perez on writing a rhyme that his audience can relate to; Perez agrees and hits the booth to lay down a brutal non-rhyming Britney Spears blast about the limits of his ability to forgive.

The weekly competition series will premiere over eight weeks where the contestants — originating from their respective industries of TV, film, music and sports — will test their skills in front of a live studio audience and an expert panel of judges.

They will perform covers of some of the biggest rap songs of all time, create original raps and be tested in freestyle rap competitions.

Following each week’s performances, the viewing audience will vote for their favorite contestant and the person with the least amount of votes will be eliminated until the rapper with the best skills is chosen as the winner.

Viewers can meet the cast, access the show blog, and see exclusive cast interviews via MTV.com. They can also text and call in toll free to vote for their favorite celebrity each week on MTV Mobile.

“Celebrity Rap Superstar” is slated to premiere on August 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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