Kia Shine Launches Sneaker Line, Thinks About The Future

With his hit single, “Krispy,” becoming a certified smash, rapper Kia Shine is parlaying his mainstream notoriety into other avenues of revenue.

He told, he gearing up for the release of a new sneaker line, beginning with a line of shoes called Traffic Jams, which he hopes will bring light to the swagger of Memphis, not shown in “Hustle & Flow.”

“I feel like I’m trying to take my shoes and my clothes to the next level,” Kia Shine told the site. “I think right know I am on a mission to show people there is something different out of Memphis and that is not like [the critically-acclaimed film] ‘Hustle & Flow.’ The shoes are swaggerful and crispy. It’s different.”

In addition to the sneakers, Kia Shine wants to take full advantage of his celebrity. He plans on moving into movies as well — in the future.

“I want to do the acting thing, but right now I am going to concentrate on breaking myself as an artist and then breaking in my team,” Shine explained. “Eventually I want to cross market with the shoes and the movies. I don’t want to let everything out, but it is going to be a lot of surprises.”

Kia Shine’s debut album, Due Season, is in stores now. “Krispy,” his first single, is gaining steam and is currently in rotation on radio across the country.

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