Hot Dollar

Is there a secret code within the rap industry stating: All rappers must have mastered the art of hustling before receiving a record deal. How ironic is it every rapper from Jay-Z to Cassidy has claimed a professional hustler as their most recent occupation. It seems as though “Hustling 101” is a prerequisite to a platinum album. As the latest hustler-turned-rapper, Hot Dollar, is continuing the rites of passage legacy. Hot Dollar is the newest craze storming out of Mississippi with a lot of heat.

Initial thoughts of Mississippi include dark country, dirt roads with trees waiting for the next brother to step out of line, yet Hot Dollar exposes a new side of the delta. Hattiesburg, Mississippi, known as the “Bottom,” is one the roughest, as well as the grimiest neighborhoods in Mississippi. Graduation no longer takes place at the local high school, but on the block after selling your first key (coke).

By age 9, Hot Dollar’s family moved to Los Angeles, California where he began his gangbanging lifestyle — ranging from grand theft auto to robbery. As a result of a few hardships, his family was tossed from shelters, while juvenile hall became his place of residency. Destined to save her son, Hot Dollar’s mother quickly sent him back to Mississippi to live with his grandmother.

In comparison to his upbringing in Mississippi to Los Angeles, he says, “It is very a culture clashing experience, more serene and extremely down to earth.” Over the years he has matured and realized the essence to his grandmother’s parables such as: “If you make your bed your bed you are going to lie in it.” Besides, from his street life background, he is not your average rapper. In fact, he is a league of his own. Acknowledging his time spent in L.A. and Mississippi, he classifies himself as a “Southwestern rapper.” He has chosen the name “Hot Dollar” to explain how cautious consumers are before spending their last dollar, as well as recognizing your last dollar is the hottest one in your wallet. Hot Dollar says he has a new assignment in life: to become the speaker of hip-hop, while filling the void other emcees have created. Most people would be mesmerized to know he is an eloquent rapper and his biggest musical influence was watching mother sing in the church. Underneath the gangster attitude lays a well-educated artist inspiring to lead his people by way of hip-hop. In order to reach the people, he knows has to give what they want: Real music reflecting real life, delivering content filled lyrics that they can relate to.

After a colossal transition from assembling mixtapes to composing an album, which is set for release in August, Hot Dollar guarantees it will be the greatest album of the year. The album is heavily loaded with West Coast beats, along with Hot Dollar harmonizing the hooks. Although the album primarily caters to the streets, he assures the women they will love the album, too. He has a few intimate tracks designed to please the ladies such as “Homegirl.”

Hot Dollar definitely has the streets on lock and as long as he stays focused, he will be around for awhile. Even if his motto was written for the streets, it now applied to his future successes in the rap game: Those who hustle the hardest, accomplish the most in life. Rap is the new dope game.

For more information on Hot Dollar, visit his official Myspace page.