Jacki-O Regroups, Forms Label, Drops Mixtapes


A few years back, Miami’s nastiest female Jacki-O was riding high off the success of his debut single, “Nookie,” but has since fell off the map. After a reported bankruptcy to cut ties with then label TVT, the female rapper has fallen back, gotten her business right and is in the process of putting out her own music — but this time, she’s changed her tune.

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Jacki-O revealed that her past experiences has changed her outlook on the way she’s perceived — and she also realized the novelty of her oversexed persona on tracks like “Nookie” (and the explicit version “P****”) helped her rise to fame quickly, but helped her fall even quicker.

Today, she says she has matured, and so has her music — now that she’s free of label politics. “My music now is a lot more elevated,” she told the paper. “I have my own studio now. I can dream in the middle of the night and record it. I don’t have to ask permission for my ideas; I can just be an artist.”

In 2006, Jacki-O filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, claiming she had assets of just $1,340, despite her blossoming recording career. She listed having a month salary of under $900, while her debts were racked up to upwards of $140,000.

The bankruptcy released her from her recording obligations of five albums, which she was required to record under a recording contract with Poe Boy Entertainment, which is distributed by TVT Records.

Since then, Jacki-O launched her own Jack Move Entertainment, where she releases mixtapes. Her latest mixtape is the Bigga Rankin hosted Jack Tha Rippa, as well as another called The Free Agent.

Additionally, Jacki-O’s recent collaboration with Remy and Chicago rapper Shawnna was heralded as the arrival of a female supergroup, but the project came to a halt when Shawnna decided to part ways with Remy and Jacki, citing “internal issues” as the cause.

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