Mister Cartoon Readies Second Lost Angel Toy, Graphic Novel

Renowned tattoo artist to the stars, Mister Cartoon, is known for inking everyone from 50 Cent and Eminem to Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, but as of recent years, tattoos is not the only hustle he has going.

No, the Los Angeles native has expanded his artwork from everything to custom-designed Nike Air Force Ones and Vans to his official version of the T-Mobile Sidekick 2. Now, his latest venture is a limited edition custom designed toy, called The Lost Angel.

He’s already released the first version of the toy figurine, in black and grey colors, tatted with his signature tattoo designs, and includes several accessories.

Cartoon is now gearing up for the second version of The Lost Angel, this one being draped down in red, white and green colors, symbolizing his Mexican heritage. “This one is more like on a Mexican pride trip,” Cartoon told BallerStatus.com. “He’s a street super hero.”

The collectible comes with Dickie like pants, a Joker Brand Cinco De Mayo t-shirt, boxers, socks, removable Nike Cortez and A1’s (Cartoon’s versions), a miniature T-Mobile Sidekick with a 180 rotating screen, flocked angel wings (in red, green and white) that are removable, Cartoon’s signature Joker face boombox, a Soul Assassins (SA) gold and diamond pendant and even more of Cartoon’s tattoos than the first one.

It will be very limited in supply, retail for $130 and only be available in high-end toy boutiques such as Kid Robot, Munky King, Meltdown Comics, Newbury Comics, Tates Comics, 3D Retro, Strangekiss Toys, Forbidden Planet UK, Red Magic HK, and Tradition.

The Lost Angel is slated for drop on July 14 — in which Cartoon and the SA family will celebrate its release with a party, “closing down the block and flooding it with lowriders,” says Toon, at Glendale Harley Davidson in Glendale, California.

Two more versions of the figurine are to follow.

In addition to blessing fans with his new toy, Cartoon is also working on a graphic novel/bound comic book that will coincide with his series of figurines called The Lost Angel: Skid Row Stories, Vol. 1.

The illustrated story is about a Japanese kid who is infatuated by the Los Angeles culture, but feels he will never relate to the things about L.A. that he loves the most until he visits the city, so he takes the trip.

“He’s obsessed with L.A. culture,” Cartoon reveals about the main character of his book. “He feels he can never be real until he comes out here, goes to Compton swapmeet or Slauson, or goes to the car shows… but he ends getting twisted up and going way deeper than what a tourist experiences. He gets into a lot of trouble.”

Sounds like a good story right? Well, that’s only the beginning.  From there, The Lost Angel (the character in his book that his figurine was created for) comes in to save the day before the main character gets too tangled in a web that he can’t get free from.

The Lost Angel is “a street super hero, out there trying to rescue the innocent and make a change,” says Cartoon. “He’s got a side of him that is evil, but he’s fighting it because he wants to do good. He’s in retirement or in limbo… He did a lot of bad things in his prior life, but God gave him a chance.”

The illustrated novel will be 130 pages in length and is being produced by Time Warner Books. At press time, there was no expected release date for the book.

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