The latest rap battle isn’t coming out of the East, West or South. No, it’s coming from the Midwest now — between rising St. Louis star Huey and the dude to put the Lou on the map, Nelly.

As reported by, Huey — who is enjoying success with his single Pop, Lock And Drop It” — recently released a track aimed at Nelly called “Down, Down, Baby” and he confirms the target.

According to the rapper, he targeted Nelly after the platinum-plus rapper refused to work with him on his debut release, Notebook Paper.

“I’m only cool with Chingy and Jibbs, everybody else can kiss my ass,” Huey told Sohh. “Nelly is disrespectful and arrogant. His head is as big as this f***ing table I’m sitting at. He’s on some arrogant, unsupportive bullsh**.”

The rapper explained that Jive Records suggested that he collaborate with Nelly, but when he approached him in a St. Louis club to try to get the rapper in the studio, he was disrespectful.

“‘Look here dirty, it’s not gonna happen. Especially with this being your first album, it’s not gonna happen,'” Nelly told Huey during their conversation.

After that, Huey fired at Nelly with the diss track. Since then, Nelly has responded back with a single he release called “Cut It Out,” feature Pimp C and Sean P. During Nelly verse, he says, “Got a Buick that’s green, the same color my snot / Lil Daddy you ain’t the sh**, you might as well get off the pot / There’s a new St. Louis? Yeah that’s funny / but I’mma stick with the old, the new don’t make enough money.”

According to Huey, Nelly is a hater and can’t stand his success.

“When he found out I got my deal, he didn’t congratulate or anything,” said the rapper. “It’s crazy because I can go out of town and get love, but when I go home I can’t get the same respect? But he’s small talk.”

Huey’s debut, Notebook Paper, is in stores now.