Usher Tries To Shut Down Fansite For Dissing His Fiance?

It seems that Usher does not like what people are saying about his finance Tameka Foster online. He is so unhappy with it, he’s taking legal action to take down one of his biggest fansites —

The fansite’s owner revealed to that they have been threatened with legal action in an attempt to shut them down, despite having a friendly relationship with the site and its owner in the past.

According to the gossip site, the relationship turned ugly when fans on the site began to publicly show their displeasure with Usher’s current relationship — particularly on the site’s message board.

A source says that the multi-platinum singer is specifically upset by fans using the name “MAN-eka” — a term first used on — to refer to his fiance, Tameka Foster.

Although it is unclear, MediaTakeout says there is speculation that Tameka is behind the forceful push for legal action. A source from the site said that problems began right around the same time that a new member began posting on the site’s message board.

“A new ‘girl’ has appeared on our official messageboard who shows all the characteristics of being everyone’s favorite adultering ho, ‘MAN-eka,’ or as we affectionately call her, The Sasquach,” the source told MediaTakeOut. “She goes around cursing out everyone who says even the smallest negative thing about [Usher] … and whomever this girl is, she has an IP address from Alpharetta GA.”

Another possible reason the site administer hinted at was that Usher is trying to shut down his top rated fan site because he has an “official” fan site that he charges users $30 a year to view. And that site, which as of recent viewing, has not been updated in nearly six months.

With the fansite out of the way, Usher would likely benefit from it, according to the source.

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