A lot of people don’t know what to expect from Young Buck. You hear the rumors… He’s got beef with Lil Wayne. Can he really rap? He’s radical. He stabbed that dude at the awards show. What happen with him and Cash Money? What’s up with him, and 50 Cent and the G-Unit crew. He always seems like he’s starting something. That man doesn’t like anybody, you may think. Drama surrounds him.

With all of these rumors surrounding him, it’s kind of hard to determine what’s really up with Buck. He might be different from what we see on TV. After all the drama is said and done, the question that some may want to know is what’s up with the real “Buck?”

BallerStatus chopped it up G-Unit’s Southern soldier to find out the real.

BallerStatus.com: The first question is do you have any plans on releasing any more singles on your album?

Young Buck: Yep. I just did a video in Columbia for the record “You Ain’t Going No Where.” It was produced by Dr. Dre and we did a two video track thing with the record “Buck The World” featuring Life Jennings.

BallerStatus.com: You say you did the video where?

Young Buck: In Columbia in a whole ‘nother country.

BallerStatus.com: What!

Young Buck: Yeah, I wanna make myself totally different from these rappers.

BallerStatus.com: What was that like? Honestly, I wouldn’t expect something extreme like that from you. That’s out there; a lot of rappers won’t go that far.

Young Buck: My family brought me over there. I been over there a lot, so for me it wasn’t my first time and it was fun because it was the first time that the world is going to see a country such as Columbia on camera. I enjoyed it.

BallerStatus.com: When you say family do you mean like your mom or like your boys?

Young Buck: My family, my familia. (laughs).

BallerStatus.com: You mean like your brothers your sisters, etc?

Young Buck: Just my familia, ma.

BallerStatus.com: Okay, I read somewhere that you’re not very concerned with record sales like other rappers. Is that true?

Young Buck: Yeah, I really don’t pay too much attention to the record sales. I don’t pay attention to the side of the game because it’s so much bullsh** that is in the middle of it. I just know that as long as I get that recognition from the streets and the love… I just want to focus on having a good product that sells itself. I just focus on making an album that you can play from top to bottom. More or less than making a hot ass single that you only have one record on the album. I realize that the rappers you see with those one hit records a lot of them f***ed up the game. They f***ed up the game for artists that make full albums that’s worth you buying, and spending your 15 or 20 dollars on.

BallerStatus.com: So is it safe to say that you’re not at all affected by the sales. The first album did do a little better than the second album’s numbers. Am I right or wrong about that?

Young Buck: As far as the first week, yeah. But as far as the numbers with what I been doing now, I kept the same consistent pace. I’m doing enough to keep me at the number one rap album in the country for damn near two weeks straight. I have no problems. I got a consistent selling record doing 30 to 40,000 a week. I have no problems with going platinum. I know I’m going to grind mine out to get to wherever I need to go as far as platinum. I’m not concerned with the sales and sh**. I leave that for the media.

I come in the game with the streets as a hustler, so my love is for the art of the music. If God blesses me to sell millions of records from what I’m doing then so be it. If he don’t, then I’m a keep doing what I do. It’s what I love. I stay away from all the bullsh**. It ain’t too much in my parameter. You can’t judge an artist by what he sells. A lot of these artists got false images painted in front of their lives. They not even comfortable with themselves because they know they living a lie. I come in the sh** with what you see is what you get. So when I do sell my 10 million or whatever, I will be one of the most comfortable n****s you ever seen in your life.

BallerStatus.com: (laughs) You mentioned the dudes who come into the game and they f*** it up and give it a bad reputation. What do you mean by that?

Young Buck: The dudes that come in with one hit wonders, f*** up the rap game because when you got an artist that only got one good record and the fan purchases the album because he is hyped off this one record you put out, that’s the only record that’s on there worth listening to. That’s what I mean by f***ing up the rap game. Then the consumer resorts to going to the bootleg. They not sure if the artist is worth spending their 15 to 20 dollars on. I know that because I came in to the game being a fan first, so I have bought half these n****s shit on bootleg now. Now I’m going through it. Straight up and down. There are some people who get your bootleg and then go and buy your album if your sh** is good.

BallerStatus.com: That’s true, I have done that before. I also read that 50 won’t be backing any more of the G-Unit’s projects. Is that true?

Young Buck: I don’t find too much truth in that. I just find that 50 means that he is going to put a lot of things in our own hands, so we can step forward and put our careers in our own hands. We play a part in everything that all of us done. Individually, we our own men. I got my own thing established. I got Cashville Records, I just signed The Outlawz.

BallerStatus.com: Oh right, Tupac’s people.

Young Buck: Yeah from the West Coast. I signed up this one cat named Lil Murda, Sosha and Hi-C and myself. I’m in one of the biggest bidding wars right now with these record labels. My thing is when 50 say sh** like that, he is only getting us prepared for us to establish ourselves individually. Not to say he is disassociating himself with any of our projects ’cause homeboy gonna always be there. We brothers from another mother. At the end of the day, sh** can be taken the wrong way. He like, “I did enough now, you n****s gotta establish yourself.” I’m like, “Okay my n**** move out the way, I got this.”

BallerStatus.com: (laughing) Right. He wants to make sure that you guys establish yourselves as businessmen too.

Young Buck: Yeah homeboy one of them real n****s. One of them real real n****s. He one of them n****s that came into the game when we didn’t have sh**. When I say “we,” I mean Lloyd Banks, Yayo and everybody. He explained to us from the beginning like once you make a name for yourself, you need to put commas behind your name. Meaning, I do this I do that, I do some of this. That’s why you see the n**** making million dollar deals with the Vitaminwater and sh**. It’s just always been about the hustle outside the music. So you find me right now, while I’m holding this conversation with you, talking to a locksmith changing my locks on my clothing store. I’m in my city. I got the labels, the clothing store. I got the biggest clothing store in Tennessee. I got a clothing line coming out called David Brown, Tennessee Clothing. I made it real affordable. So you can expect to see my sh** in Demo’s. I got a restaurant, Cashville Chicken and Waffles.

BallerStatus.com: Are you serious?

Young Buck: We open 24 hours straight up and down. I am not playing about the hustle, ma.

BallerStatus.com: I understand you want to spread yourself out financially, but why do a record label?

Young Buck: Music is my love. It provided me the opportunity to do all the things you see me doing now. I always hustled in the streets, but outside of that, the knowledge of the game is what I created. 50 wasn’t the one who created my career; I was doing this as a mission. I’m 26 years old and I been doing this every since I was 15, 16 years old. It’s a lot of artists that are good enough to be on my level or beyond my level. I want an icon company, like Def Jam. I know it can happen. My dreams are big ma, but I see that sh** happen.

BallerStatus.com: While we are on record labels, what’s the difference between being on G-Unit as opposed to Cash Money?

Young Buck: It’s a big difference. Everything with Cash Money was a learning process. I never faulted them dudes for no sh**. Between Juvenile, Turk and Lil Wayne, they career really started to take off when I first came around them dudes, so I don’t blame them for putting me on the back burner. But at the end of the day, it was like, “n**** give me a try; let the streets be the judge of it. Put me on something, let me be heard. Let the streets be the judge, if they say ‘no,’ then I’ma find a new profession.” I can tell you all kinds of stories about me being around Cash Money, but I can’t tell you to go pick up one album where I’m on it. That was the main reason why I came into age. I dropped out of junior high school. I went to the ninth grade and never looked back. It was behind chasing Cash Money. I was trying to make my career happen. It was a training process, but with G-unit I was provided opportunity. Everything 50 said, he backed it up. He like, “Look man, I’m a come back and get you if my situation happen with Dre and them happens,” and that’s what he did. He said, “I’m a take that record you got and put it on my album,” and he did. My whole sh** with 50 is built from loyalty. I respect homeboy for understanding me. I don’t think I was a hard n**** to understand.

BallerStatus.com: Yeah, ’cause you are a young dude to have all of this opportunity.

Young Buck: It’s with anybody. It’s not just me. You find somebody from the ghetto and you get blessed to make it up out this sh**, you gonna look for all type of ways to maintain that money, ma. That’s what’s hard. I want to have something established that my kids can eat from.

BallerStatus.com: Okay, tell me if this is true. Is there some beef between you and Lil Wayne?

Young Buck: Nah, I don’t have no beef with Lil Wayne. I spoke on that situation with the whole kissing thing and it got to where it went. I was just letting it be known when I was asked the question, “Have I seen it?” And I was like, “Yeah, I seen the sh**.” For me, it’s something that I don’t agree with. But hey, it’s something that they do that works. I had a chance to speak with Lil Wayne and make sure that he didn’t have any hard feelings and he was like, “Buck I’m bout’ getting money man, I’m not tripping.”

BallerStatus.com: I also heard you gonna change your name?

Young Buck: Nah, there is no truth to that. I guess when I get older. What you think should I name myself, Uncle Buck? (laughs)

BallerStatus.com: Well, I do think that sometime when you develop into your craft, you do change and grow, so that’s why some people change their names. That’s why I think Jay changed his so many times. He grew in his talent and as an artist.

Young Buck: Yeah, Yeah, you right. In the future, I’m gonna at least take the “Young” off my name ’cause we don’t get any younger. That’s the first rumor I ever heard.

BallerStatus.com: You been offered any movie roles?

Young Buck: Yeah, I got a gang of movies. I’m shooting my first film in Nashville Tennessee and it’s about my life. It’s called “The Story.” It’s on my life with a little twist to it. I got a gang of scripts and movie roles from a lot of different directors. I’m trying to take my time before I go into that because I like to be perfect in everything that I do. I want to go in every situation gaining. You got to be ready for it as an actor.

BallerStatus.com: Are you going to consider taking some lessons before you do a movie?

Young Buck: Aw, you took the words out of my mouth! I’m four months strong right now. I’m good. I can look at you without blinking. That’s the number one rule in acting.

BallerStatus.com: What do you think when you hear veterans like Nas say “hip-hop is dead?”

Young Buck: I think he got meaning for whatever reason he was saying. I don’t think he meant it’s dead like it’s not here anymore. I just think that he meant some of the music that is getting put out today is not alive to him. But the music he considers is dead, is alive like a motherf***er to people. I honestly never paid attention to the whole “hip-hop is dead” thing because I ain’t gonna lie, I just left last night from getting like $35,000 a f***ing show, so hip-hop is alive like a motherf***er for me, Nas (laughs).

BallerStatus.com: What do you think you bring to hip-hop as an artist?

Young Buck: I think when artists like Tupac and Biggie left, we just start listening to the music for the party in it. I think that the following in it left. I think that I bring that back. You can’t consider my album “a crunk album” or “down South album.” I bring versatility to my album.

BallerStatus.com: Have you started working on your next project yet?

Young Buck: Yes ma’am, but I’m gonna do my compilation album with my artists first. The compilation is going to kick off my artists. As far as my next album, you can expect to hear me probably like by next year. There will never be a two-year wait for another Young Buck album again. We got that established courtesy of Mr. 50 Cent himself. Honestly, he my biggest fan.

BallerStatus.com: Why do you say that?

Young Buck: That n**** told me everything that what was gonna happen before it happen. He told me, Trust me bro, you about to do this, do that, interviews, etc.”

BallerStatus.com: He saw the vision.

Young Buck: Yeah, he saw the vision.