Yung Berg

Starting his career at the age of 15 on DMX’s record label, Blood Line, Yung Berg is no amateur in the hip-hop game. With his new single, “Sexy Lady,” climbing the charts, Yung Berg is ready to release his debut album, Look What You Have Made Me and an EP titled Almost Famous coming before that.

After chatting with Yung Berg, most anyone would feel like they had an uneventful childhood, considering he went from being on top of the world recording in New York at the age of 15, to being placed in boot camp on a military base, and then went right back and toured with Shawnna as her hypeman. Taking everything that he has been through in perspective, Yung Berg stays true to his love for music and creating music that fully embodies him, with no gimmicks. So gearing up for his album and EP release, Yung Berg is ready to tell us his story. Tell me about growing up in Chi-Town.

Yung Berg: It was crazy. I was born in the south side of Chicago, average middle-class neighborhood. I was lucky enough to be signed to DMX’s record label at the age of 15, and immediately moved to New York, so most of my young childhood was spent on the road. What happened with DMX’s label Bloodline?

Yung Berg: I was the first artists signed to DMX’s label and it was a good look. Basically, my parents had wanted me out of the situation because there was a lot of things that they didn’t approve of, and the way I was acting. Nothing to do with DMX, it was just the way that I was acting that led to my parents putting me in boot camp in Montana, so that experience really cut me off from the world of music. I couldn’t listen to radio, no television, no nothing… How did an experience like that shape you as an artist today?

Yung Berg: It forced me to be creative, when no one is around. Before that, I was always leaning on someone — trusting a producer, an engineer, whatever — to tell me whether what I was doing was hot. But when I was in the situation where I was alone, I had no one to trust but me. Well I can only assume being at boot camp does dawn the feeling of solitude, and only someone with creativity can spin that into a positive. So tell me a little about your decision to be Shawnna’s hypeman on tour?

Yung Berg: Shawnna has been my sister forever. I had nothing poppin’ at the time. I had nothing to do, so it wasn’t even a decision to be made. It was a great experience for me. Shawnna is great performer, so it helped show me how to get my stage presence right. So with your hit single “Sexy Lady” is climbing the charts. Tell me more about his single.

Yung Berg: Well we have a “Sexy Lady” EP coming out on July 24th named Almost Famous, which is going to contain five music videos, to go along with the five songs — which are “Sexy Lady” the original, “Sexy Lady Remix” (featuring Jim Jones and Rich Boy), “Into it” (featuring Tony Loco), and “Bouncing Right Back” (featuring Ray J and Shawnna). So the EP is just kind of a teaser because six weeks after Almost Famous drops, my album Look What You Made Me comes out. This album is crazy. There is a variety from live instrumentation, hip-hop, street, guitars, like musical transitions after each song. You have a lot of features on your EP, who do you got on your album?

Yung Berg: Eve, Shawnna, Collie Buddz, Twista, Fabolous and more. The album, Look What You Made Me, is like a movie about me, and these artist make cameos in it. So look out for that August 28th. What do want fans to take from your debut album?

Yung Berg: I just want everyone to see that I am a product of my music. People say that they are a product of their environment, but I am product of my music. There has never been anything more influential on me than my music. Is there anything that you wanted to say to everyone?

Yung Berg: Basically I just want everyone to stay tuned. I am giving you all of me, the best of me, on my album Look What You Have Made Me”. Also to all those wanting to be a young boss, you can do it. Just be focused and keep God first.