Is it me or is every unknown rapper breaking into the mainstream obsessed with creating a new dance? I know the topic has been discussed widely, but no matter how much “real” rappers dismiss other rappers creating the “next” dance craze, they keep coming out the wood work. No matter how much these tracks bang in the club, there has got to be a limit, or has dance moves for the club become the backbone of hip-hop? (haha, yea right).

Anyway, I thought I’d run down my list of the top 5 worst hip-hop dances, inspired by singles of recent times. Some of the dance names I came up with may not be what you call them, but fuck it, you know what I mean. Hate it or love it, some of the dances or tracks even are gonna be considered corny in a few years, no matter how much you like them now.

Here’s my top 5, so give me yours in the comments:

5. Two Step: Every since 50 uttered the line, “In the club doing the same old two step,” it seems as though the Two Step has become the official dance for thugs who don’t really do too much dancing in the club. But, really, how gangster would it be to see the hardest cat from your hood doing a two step in the club? Be real now. Anyway, the dance contributed to singles by DJ UNK who released the popular “2 Step” single; Fiddy said it again in “Disco Inferno” with the line “Homie, I don’t dance, all I do it this, it’s the same two step with a little twist”; and the most recent I can recall is Hot Dollar’s buzz record, “Street On Lock,” where he says in the chorus, “I told you I had the streets on lock (on lock), two stepping with my hand on my glock.” Now, even though I think this shit is majorly corny, it’s the one I can stand the most.

4. Snap & Lean: This dance is one of the easiest to do and I’ve been in clubs with several cats doing it in unison, but tell me why this shit is/was hot? Seriously, what was it? The damn group, Dem Franchize Boyz, made this shit a phenomon when they dropped “Lean Wit, Rock Wit It,” which I consider one of the most terrible hit singles ever. Hating aside, I didn’t notice one ounce of talent from them cats besides capitalizing off this trend that is way beyond my comprehension. They did get the clubs jumping for a minute, so good for them, but their stamp on hip-hop is based around snapping your fingers and leaning side-to-side, hahahaha. Give me a fucking break.

3. Motorbike: Yung Joc came up with this one, or took it from wherever he found it and blew up right the fuck up with “It’s Goin’ Down.” He sure did make that shit look fun when he did it in the video. I have to admit, I’ve done it before (and I know a lot you motherfuckers reading this have to), but as I look back now, what the fuck was I doing? See, again, this damn dance trend got everybody, including yours truly, doing these corny moves. How many of you guys did it too? Raise your hands.

2. The Wipe Me Down: This was inspired by the track of the same title, performed by Lil Boosie, Foxx and Webbie. I admit, the track is catchy and I, myself have caught myself singing along, but come on now, it sounds like the anthem for baby wipes. Hahaha, I can picture this track playing in the background of a commercial for any baby wipes product with the baby singing along with the chorus. So all you cats thinking this is hot, come tell me that in a couple years and I guarantee, you will deny you ever liked this song or did the dance.

1. Cholo Lean: Hahahaha, laughing is my first reaction to this shit. It’s a dance the esses on the West Coast do. I was actually waiting for a cat to come up with this one and a Mexican rapper from Southern Cali named Down did with his single, “Lean Like A Cholo.” This is a perfect example of how dance crazes are getting outta control. It you listen to the single, it’s straight corny, but I could imagine it could be fun to do when you’re drunk in the club. Either way, putting your elbows up and moving side to side ain’t what’s up. As I pen this, the single actually ranks at no. 38 on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart. That’s pitiful.

Ok, so there you go, the top 5 worst dances as of late. If I left any ones out, post a comment and sound off. But as of right now, I think this pretty much sums up what we have on the charts right now and what cats in the club have been doing the past year or so. Yea, don’t front, you were doing them and probably still are, hahaha.

I’m gone.