Swizz Beatz At Home Recovering From Meningitis

While fans have been buzzing about his video for “Summer Jam Warm-Up Freestyle” featuring Fabolous and Cassidy, Swizz Beatz has been in the hospital recovering from meningitis.

According to MTV, the producer’s hectic scheduled pushed his body to a breaking point, landing him in the hospital with the illness, but he is feeling better and now relaxing at home.

“I’m just f***ing happy to be feeling better again,” Swizzy told MTV last week. “I was down. I’m in the crib on chill.”

“I [was] up for four days straight,” he continued. “I was paralyzed from my legs down. I was twisted.”

The four day consecutive work schedule is due to the producer’s high demand — artists like 50 Cent, Madonna, Chris Brown and Usher are all waiting in line for a beat from “The Monster.” And it looks like they will have to continue to wait, because Swizzy is now more concerned with his health, than his workload.

“I was f***ed up! … N****s call me ‘The Monster’ because how I work in the studio so hard. I can’t do it no more,” he said to the channel. “I gotta be on the schedule, but still be able to do what I have to do. I just gotta invest in my health right now. That day I went in the hospital changed my whole life. I could have came out in a wheelchair.”

Recalling the day he had to go to the hospital, the producer remembers feeling so weak, he could barely walk. “I’m going to the crib and I had a hard time getting out of my truck. I get out of the seat and I’m damn near limping. I was barely making it up my steps. I damn near fell in the bed and my wife was like, ‘You have to go to the doctor immediately.’ They had to carry me downstairs … got to the hospital, they stuck a needle in my spine. I escaped some sh**. That changed my life, trust me,” he explained.

MTV reports that Swizz was hospitalized for four days and is now at home resting, but it will be a short rest because on Friday (June 1) he is scheduled to go back to work, when he begins production on a new video for his next single, “Here Comes Big Money” with Kanye West.

The single will be the next from his forthcoming solo debut, One Man Band Man, which is slated for release August 7.

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