DJ Skee Reveals Game-Lil Wayne Collabo Mixtape, Confirms Game’s Retirement

Two of the hottest rappers in the game are preparing to team up for a monster mixtape. Those rappers being The Game and Lil Wayne. His longtime mixtape collaborator DJ Skee revealed the news on his Wednesday night radio show (with DJ Reflex) on Los Angeles’ Power 106 this Wednesday night (May 30).

According to Skee, both Wayne and Game are currently in the process of recording a collaborative mixtape, tentatively titled Blood Brothers, helmed by Skee himself and his East Coast counterpart and Black Wall Street family member Nu Jersey Devil.

“We’re working on it now,” DJ Skee said over the radio air waves. “Nu Jersey Devil and Lil Wayne are recording in Miami, while me and The Game are recording here in L.A. It’s gonna be crazy.”

Skee did not reveal any further information, so a timeline as to when it will be released or how many tracks it will include is currently unknown.

In related news, DJ Skee confirmed rumors that Game would be retiring after his next album, saying they were true. “Me and [Game] have spoken [about retire] behind the scenes and he just feels he’s accomplished so much in such a short time,” said DJ Skee.

“When he does [retire], I won’t have no more records,” the DJ said jokingly. “Come back Game.”

In a recently taped interview for QD3’s “Beef IV” DVD, the rapper himself hinted at possibly retiring, but didn’t really elaborate too much. He did spark the talk of retirement around the internet though.

“I think three classic albums are good for me, you know? I got my point across,” Game said. “I was a prominent figure on the West Coast and a bigger figure in hip-hop as a whole. I think I made my impact enough for my name to be said and remembered.”

“Last album. One more to go,” he said.

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