B.G. Addresses VL Mike’s Departure From The Chopper City Boyz

By Miles Bennett  |  05/22/2007

After B.G. introduced his Chopper City Boyz crew earlier this year with their debut album, We Got This, one of the members have opted to part ways with the group.

Group member VL Mike has left to chase solo aspiration and although rumors have circulated citing beef as the culprit, the Chopper City Records camp say that is far from the truth.

"We are not beefing with Mike or anyone else," said Chopper City Records co-CEO Carol Dorsey and B.G., via a statement. "We have done our best to put our stamp of approval and endorsement on The Chopper City Boyz in effort to blossom their careers and create opportunity for the vast array of talent that New Orleans has to offer..."

According to the camp, B.G. felt as though the split with VL Mike was over a minor disagreement and ended in peace, but have learned different since then.

Mike is rumored to be holed up in the studio presently, as he records a mixtape about B.G., which the former Hot Boy can't understand, being that he gave him his start.

"In group settings, it is common to disagreement, but we never imagined that Mike would overreact in such a manner," expressed Dorsey. "All me and B.G. offered him was an opportunity to become successful."

With or without Mike, the Chopper City Boyz' debut effort was an independent success for the label and has achieved gold sales in excess of 500,000 copies, according to the camp, so they plan to keep it moving.

Currently, B.G. is focusing on his soon-to-be-released Atlantic Records debut, Too Hood To Be Hollywood, which will executive produced by T.I., B.G. and Dorsey.

It is slated for release in September.

Additionally, B.G. plans on getting The Chopper City Boyz back into the studio to begin work on their second album. Being they are now down to three members, the label revealed that they plan is to host a contest to find a fourth member to bring the group back to its original four member ensemble.

More information will be released through their official website at ChopperCityMusic.com.