Jim Jones Reveals Long-Running Beef With Cam’ron

Jim Jones

In a shocking revelation to Hot 97’s Miss Info, Dipset Capo, Jim Jones, has revealed that he’s had beef with the crew’s founder, Cam’ron, for some time now.

According to a blog posted by Miss Info, the inner turmoil within the Dipset has been brewing for some time now. In fact, Jones told the radio personality that he hasn’t spoken to Cam for well over a year. But, out of loyalty, has kept the feud quiet all this time.

“I kept quiet out of loyalty,” Jones admitted to Miss Info. “I felt like if we can’t be friends, then at least we can do business together.”

The rapper went on to say that he’s fed up with being in trouble because of the Dip’s founder. “Now, I can’t be next to you. I’m through with being in hot water because of you.”

Although he did not detail his reasons for the distancing, he will this Monday (May 7), when is scheduled to visit Funkmaster Flex’s radio show to discuss his statements.

According to Miss Info, he has “some shocking suspicions” about what really happened between Cam and Roc La Familia artist Tru Life outside New York’s Club Stereo last week.

While Cam’s camp has denied that any physical interaction took place, Tru Life has stated that he personally assaulted the Dipset boss.

Jones also told Miss Info that himself and the rest of the Diplomats were “putting Cam’ron on punishment,” hinting that the rest of the crew may have problems with Cam as well.

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