Graffiti Artists To Paint Subway Car Live In New York For Adidas To Celebrate Spring Shoe Line

In celebration of the launch of Adidas’ new spring end to end collection, seven the world’s most high-regarded graffiti artists will paint a full-sized replica subway car — live — in downtown Manhattan.

Together the artists — consisting of Skore, Can2, Atom, Siloette, Rime and Scien — will unveil a rolling masterpiece of artwork applied to a replica subway car, from end-to-end, on April 10, with event attendees also enjoying previews of the new Spring 2007 Adidas line of sneakers.

The sneakers were created by these same artists, who created the works of art over a three day period in East London.

The graffiti were provided a remodeled space to produce the ideal creative environment. Enormous white canvases and a full range of “tools of the trade” — spray paint cans, nozzles, markers, paint brushes and anything the artists could possibly need — was provided so they could focus on their craft.

The result: designs that embody the creativity, the collaborative spirit, and the artistic beauty envisioned by the End to End project.

“The bold styles on these classic silhouettes will resonate with our customers, who are always looking for new and innovative product designs,” said Jeanine Zocks, Vice President of Marketing, Foot Locker US. “We are excited to offer the Adidas End to End collection to our customers worldwide.”

The custom exclusive sneakers will be available exclusively through Foot Locker. For more information, visit

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