Pretty Ricky Lets Fans Choose Stops On 2007 Tour

R&B group, Pretty Ricky, announced Wednesday (February 7) that they will set up their upcoming 2007 tour based on cities their fans want them the most. How? Through a live performance technology called Eventful Demand.

Eventful Demand (, the leading global events web site, is a service being used by thousands of performers, giving fans the power to influence where their favorite artists will perform. Those artists then have the ability to contact their Demanders to notify them that they are coming to town and offer ticket and merchandise sales.

“It is important that Pretty Ricky have accessibility to reach their fans,” said manager Stephen Brush. “Eventful makes it so much easier to hit markets that tend to get overlooked since you know where the people are that want to see your act. Pretty Ricky has always been accessible via internet, phone and in person to their fans and Eventful adds a great addition in the live performance field.”

On tour to promote the group’s second album, Late Night Special — which debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 — Pretty Ricky will be using the Eventful Demand service to let their fans compete for a stop on their tour. Once a city reaches 1,000 demands, Pretty Ricky will book the show. Fans anywhere and everywhere will be able to see the Florida-based foursome — whose album sold over 132,000 in its first week — live with just a simple click of a mouse.

Eventful created the Demand service as a viral tool to help connect fans and performers across the globe. With the click of a button, Eventful Demand is transforming the touring market by empowering fans to influence the tours of their favorite performers and by enabling performers to make the best decisions about where to tour.

“Pretty Ricky and Atlantic Records have embraced Eventful Demand as a way to engage and empower their fans to shape their tour,” said CEO Jordan Glazier. “We’re excited to help connect them with their fans and sell out shows around the world.”

Fans can Demand Pretty Ricky at

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