Vivid Entertainment Releasing Ray J, Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

By Ronnie Gamble  |  02/07/2007

Porn giant, Vivid Entertainment, announced Wednesday (February 7) that they have acquired the rights to a video featuring the sexual exploits of Brandy's brother/singer Ray J and his then girlfriend, Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian.

The company said they paid a staggering $1 million to acquire the rights to the video, which they will release on DVD. The DVD, titled "Kim Kardashian Superstar," will be released on February 21.

Vivid co-chairman, Steven Hirsch, said they obtained the video from a third party, but did not identify the person or entity. "We are comfortable that we have the legal right to distribute this video, despite what others may say," said Hirsch in a statement.

"I've seen the video and it's really great," said Hirsch. "It has over 30-minutes of explicit sex that fans of erotica will find very appealing featuring two young and glamorous high profile celebrities."

According to Hirsch, the video was shot nearly three years ago by Ray J, who was dating Kardashian at the time. Unlike the grainy, night vision Paris Hilton sex video, this video is "crystal clear," according to Vivid.

The production is crystal clear and viewers will definitely get their money’s worth. If either Kim or Ray J would like to discuss the video with us we would be happy to do so," said Hirsch.

Kardashian is reported to have dated Ray J for about three years. She is a fashion retailer, who co-owns the popular store, Dash, in Calabasas with her two sisters Kourtney and Khloe, and is the daughter of the late attorney Robert Kardashian, who defended O.J. Simpson in his murder trial. She is also a frequent Hollywood partygirl, who attends events with her celebrity pals, including best friend, Paris Hilton.

Ray J, 26, began his career as a child actor, playing the role of Dorian Long on "Moesha," alongside his sister Brandy. Most recently, he enjoyed moderate success with his hit, "One Wish," from the album Raydiation, which was released through his Knockout Entertainment label.

"Kim Kardashian Superstar" is scheduled for release February 21.

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