The Game’s G-Unot campaign may finally end. But, only if 50 Cent accepts the Compton rapper’s invitation to peace after their long-running beef.

On Tuesday (September 29), The Game took the first step, extending an opportunity to 50 Cent to end their bitter rivalry, urging 50 to call into to Hot 97, while being interview by the station’s on-air personality, Angie Martinez.

Although at first, Martinez did not believe the rapper’s words, he insisted he was ready to resolve the pair’s differences.

“[I want] just to talk and just to see where our heads are and see if maybe we can come to an even playing field — respectfully to each other,” Game told Martinez during their interview. “[I want to] see if we can figure it out [as] grown-ups.”

While in New York promoting his upcoming sophomore release, The Doctor’s Advocate, Game spoke on various topics, including incidents leading up to the beef between himself and G-Unit.

The rapper and 50 Cent have been going at each other since Game’s debut album in early 2005, and it escalated after shots were fired in front of Hot 97’s Manhattan’s offices in February 2005, when 50 kicked the rapper out of G-Unit during a radio interview.

Although the pair reconciled just weeks after during a press conference, the beef began again with Game launching his infamous G-Unot campaign, going at 50 Cent and his entire crew. Game said the failed reconciliation was a result of bad timing because neither of them was ready.

“We weren’t ready to do that. You can’t force us to do anything,” the rapper explained. “I don’t think that either of us was ready to get on that stage.”

According to reports, the rapper finished his interview and later did drops for the station, promoting 50 Cent and some of his various products including his Vitamin Water and clothing line.

In addition, Game confirmed that he would not have any beats from his mentor Dr. Dre on The Doctor’s Advocate, but did state the two still have a good relationship.

“Dre is not on the album. No Dre involvement on this album,” he said. “If you looking to buy my album just because Dre did a beat or two, leave it on the shelf. This album is executive-produced by The Game. Dre took me from the hood and gave me an opportunity, so I’m always going to pay him that respect.”

The Doctor’s Advocate is slated to hit stores November 14.