Makaveli Branded Celebrates Tupac’s 10th Anniversary With Sneaker Launch

Although it’s been 10 years since his death, the legendary Tupac continues to leave his imprint on the culture. He’s even influenced the shoe game.

Makaveli Branded, the official clothing line of the late rapper, have recently launched a new sneaker and dress shoe line that boldly displays Tupac’s imagery, further expanding its reach into footwear.

“We thought it would be a good transition to continue to grow the brand,” Rick Edwards, Makaveli Branded’s VP of Marketing, told “Obviously, footwear is a very important aspect in the marketplace, and we just felt it was the right time and avenue to continue Pac’s legacy.”

The new sneaker line is made of up six different shoe designs made of shiny and dull leather, equipped with Pac’s face printed in various spots on each shoe. The upscale dress shoe collection features 10 different styles.

The shoes’ prices range from $39.99 to $59.99 and are available nationwide in specialty shoe stores, including Against All Odds.

“Our concept is to provide kids with an affordable quality shoe,” explained Edwards.

To celebrate the release of the footwear line and the 10th anniversary of Tupac’s death, Makaveli Branded are throwing launch events throughout the U.S. They’ve already thrown successful events in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and plan to continue in key cities such as Miami, New York, Houston and Atlanta.

To compliment the launch events, they have also put together 10 year anniversary mixtapes with DJs such as DJ Chuck T, Dow Jones, DJ Fatal and OG Ron C, among others. The tapes will feature Pac remixes, blends and exclusives, as well as music from Makaveli Branded sponsored artists, Roccett and Romey.

In addition, the company is gearing up the Tupac Legacy tour, which is slated to kick-off in January of 2007. The tour will stop in 30 different cities, and feature performances by artists close to Pac, as well as others featured in their national ad campaigns.

“The brand is just gonna continue to expand,” adds Edwards. “We just hope to continue to brand into more categories and continue to grow from a retail and company perspective.”

For more information on Makaveli Branded and the Tupac Legacy Tour, visit or

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  1. Even though Tupac was already dead. his style in clothing line still alive. since now there’s a new sneaker and dress shoe line that boldly displays Tupac’s imagery.I’m glad to hear that. such a nice style.keep posting!

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