Rude Jude: Original Rude Boy

In the late 90s, “The Jenny Jones Show” was a huge success amongst talk shows and daytime television. And part of the show’s highlight was when Jenny would bring out Rude Jude, who would then go on to verbally attack the guests on the show in a hilariously rude manner — as no one was safe from embarrassment. Since then, the Detroit, Michigan native, born Jude Angelini, opted to head west to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. That however, didn’t quite flourish, as Jude’s bio jokingly states that he “ended up broke — washing dishes, eating rice and ketchup.”

With a few acting gigs and failed pilots, things weren’t looking too promising for Angelini, but after learning of Eminem’s joint venture with Sirius Satellite Radio (which resulted in Eminem’s sole uncensored channel, Shade 45), Jude pitched a few ideas to a friend, who got those idea’s to Paul Rosenberg (Eminem’s manager/partner) and Jude’s vision came to fruition. Now a few years later and a new career in tact as a prominent radio host on Shade 45’s satellite airwaves, Jude is still true to his original rude boy ways, lashing out at callers and guests with his uncanny remarks and carefree demeanor, alongside co-host Lord Sear, as they commandeer the “All Out Show,” which airs uncensored Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. EST.

Never one to bite his tongue or leave room for a dull moment, Jude and exchanged words and thoughts on everything from what he was doing prior to joining Shade 45, some of the highlights of the show and some of the antics that go on behind the microphone, among other things. Read on and get a dose of Jude’s, uh, candidness and all-out ways, but be aware not to catch feelings or take offense ’cause as Busta once declared, “it ain’t safe no more,” especially when Rude Jude’s in the building. First of all, for people who might not know what you did prior to Shade 45, what were you doing?

Rude Jude: I worked for Jenny Jones, clowning strippers, fat chicks and who ever else they put in front of me. I moved to L.A. to act 4 years ago, got a few bullsh** parts here and there…I’m not much of an actor. Then, Em got a station on Sirius. I got some ideas to my boy Mikey Eckstien, and he got them sh**s to Paul [Rosenberg] and it was history. How has the show, if any, changed since when you first started there?

Rude Jude: Sear and I have “gelled” more since we first started. I’m learning how to interview better. That sh** is hard, like learning what to ask them. One of my first interviews was Nas. First question, I was like, “Yo, what’s up with your baby moms f***in’ everybody?” He wouldn’t answer that. I learned you gotta butter ’em up. I know you have the “All Out Show” with Lord Sear, so do you guys get to program what you cover on the show yourselves? Or is there a program director involved?

Rude Jude: Yeah, people tell us what we can play, but they’ve loosened up a bit. You think anyone else at Shade likes Dayton Family? Hell nah! So, the “Shady 5” and the “Pill Mix,” I pick. Sear picks the “Grown And Sexy Drunk Mix.” What attracted you about joining Sirius?

Rude Jude: I was broke. What, for those who might not know the difference, separates regular dial radio from satellite radio?

Rude Jude: Our show? Well, we run it like a college show almost. It’s loose, we cuss a lot and our play list isn’t as tight. But, we get famous people to come on. You know, what my favorite sh** is? We reach the whole country, so I can play a wider variety of sh**. And listeners put me on to new sh**, like Psychodrama from Chicago, Tech N9ne, Pastor Troy and so on. What’ve been some of the highlights so far of the show?

Rude Jude: Burt Bacharach was dope. Porn chicks used to blow me on air. Any time you get to cum for your job and you’re not a porn star, it’s good. Who was the dopest guest?

Rude Jude: Gia Paloma (an adult film star) let me fist her. That sh** was crazy. I felt used after, but she was game for anything. My boy ended up bangin’ her in the bathroom, while I shaved my face in there. Who was the wackest guest?

Rude Jude: We get people come in selling double wood, acting like they’re “doin’ it.” They get there late, bring all their entourage and bodyguards and nobody knows who the f*** they are. Oowee (Asylum recording artist) was like that. We had him on as a favor to the label and he was boring as hell, giving one word answers. I don’t know if he was stuck up or nervous. I know you air out your distaste for some of the music that’s out now-a-days, rap/hip-hop wise, but do you see any hope in there being some better music made anytime soon?

Rude Jude: Who the f*** knows? The only sh** I’m really f***in’ with that’s recent is hyphy. I like that grimy midwest sh**, too. But, does that mean they’re gonna blow? I don’t know. It takes more than good music to blow up. It takes marketing and publicists and sh** like that. What do you think the cause of the crap in rap/hip-hop coming out is?

Rude Jude: Hip-hop is officially pop music and it’s being treated accordingly by the labels. They [record labels] encourage copy cats, they don’t develop artists and they don’t give motherf***ers a chance. If that sh** doesn’t ship 150 [thousand units] the first week, they stop pushing it. Sh** is crazy. That’s why I dig the Bay; they support their artists and have their own sound. What do you listen to these days?

Rude Jude: Besides what I was claiming up there? I f***s with classic rock, that R&B from the late 60s to the 90s. R. Kelly’s still my dude. Tom Petty, Bob Segar, White Stripes, The Stooges, Bootsy [Collins], The Isleys and pretty much whatever. If you could have any three guests on your show, doesn’t matter if it’s music oriented or not, who would they be?

Rude Jude: Jesus, Jesus and Jesus. Outside of your show, what keeps you occupied?

Rude Jude: Drugs and porn. In that order. I got a daughter and a girlfriend, too. I don’t spend enough time with either of ’em. There was some supposed tension between Howard Stern’s staff and Shade 45’s, what was all that about?

Rude Jude: Ain’t sh** up. What plans do you have for the show’s future?

Rude Jude: I’d like to do the show bicoastal from L.A. I feel like the west coast is under-represented. Where do you see Sirius and satellite radio going?

Rude Jude: Growing and growing and growing.

  1. Jude, there’s a foto I posted onto my facebook of yourself, my dear friends Jeremy Harvey, and Michael Williams I took it years ago, so it seems at Buddha Bar Karaoke, check it out. If you’d like? Best Miss Renee

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