West Coast Customs Leaves “Pimp My Ride”

West Coast Customs

The highly successful car customizing show “Pimp My Ride” is finally moving on. After a long run as one of the most successful television shows for MTV, West Coast Customs is moving to another channel and changing the format.

According to The Press-Enterprise, WCC will be developing a new show on the Discovery Channel with the producers of “American Chopper” and “American Hot Rod.” And instead of creating over-the-top designs like “Pimp MY Ride,” the show will be based around the work they do on a daily basis and will include customization of private jets, helicopters, tour buses and other high-end vehicles.

The split between MTV and WCC owner Ryan Friedlinghause was amicably, and due to Friedlinghause’s concern with his company’s image.

“We’ve had a great experience with Ryan,” said MTV spokesman David French. “Everyone in that garage is very talented and we wish them all the best.”

Friedlinghause also made another big decision, which was to move the shop for the fourth time since opening its doors in 1993. The shop’s new location will be Corona, California. WCC moved from Laguna Niguel (their original location) to Compton in 1998, then to Inglewood in 2000.

According to Ryan, the reason for moving is not business-related — due to the shop’s reputation, they could move anywhere and still be in business — but simply to be closer to his family, who he rarely sees, due to his back and forth commute from Corona to Los Angeles.

“I’ve done my time in L.A.,” Friedlinghause stated. “Everybody knows who I am. It’s time to move.”

WCC’s new location will be a 21,000-square-foot shop is in a corporate-style building in an industrial part of Corona, which according to Ryan, has a huge custom car market.

“My customers aren’t really LA-based customers anymore,” said Friedlinghaus. “The interest in custom cars and the money to spend on customization is evident in the Inland Empire. It’s like the new Orange County.”

Although WCC is moving on, “Pimp My Ride” is not being canceled. According to an MTV spokesperson, new episodes are scheduled to air Spring 2006.

  1. Can you tell me the number to west coast customs. I always watch pimp my ride on speed.My dad van needs to be pimped.So please I need the number.

  2. why when on pimp my ride peopel say wcc  thay blepp it out and blere out the tv screns

  3. my husband is a gulf war vet he has a 2000 s500 he has been trough so much hes had 2 heart attacks.its changed him. I know pimping his ride will change is life.i saw he cry watching your show.i feel he needs this.he said the reason he bought the car.he said if I make it back from the war he whated a s500.he found a used one.but its ragged I want even ride in it.but we live in Arkansas.can u help a veteran smile again.

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