Vida Guerra Accused Of Leaking Nude Photos As A Publicity Stunt

Vida Guerra

By now, fans have seen the allegedly hacked nude photos of model Vida Guerra circulating the internet. Everyone from industry folk to fans were logging on to see for themselves within minutes of hearing about her T-Mobile Sidekick being hacked. What first seemed to be the result of a devious internet hacker, now seems to be merely a publicity stunt by the model herself.

According to Flash Records’ label head Flash Rodriguez, Vida’s former record label, Ms. Guerra released the photos herself in an attempt to hype up her upcoming single “You Ain’t Ready” — a stunt Rodriguez did not agree with.

“When I confronted [Vida] about it, she said that the vagina shots were not hers,” Rodriguez told, “but I told her that it had her tattoo, and her nails were done in a way I could tell that they were of her. She responded with ‘Isn’t this good publicity for my single?’

“The surfacing of nude photos of Vida became a very serious integrity and marketing issue to the label due to the fact that we have sufficient reason to believe they were not hacked, but were a publicity stunt,” he added in a statement on the label’s official website (

The release of the nude photos has since caused Flash Records to drop the model/singer off their label roster. Rodriguez also revealed that Vida was difficult to work with because of her “diva like” attitude, and went as far as saying that her singing ability was less than sub par.

In fact, Rodriguez alleges that the first single was not even sung by her. To impress The Source magazine, who recently ran a feature about Guerra’s singing ability, the model allegedly had Rodriguez play the magazine’s staff vocals of another singer.

“[Vida Guerra] couldn’t cut it,” said Rodriguez. “She was scared to sing on the phone and in person. She produced no music for my label.”

Although the label constantly asked her to take singing lessons to improve her abilities, Vida refused, according to Rodriguez. The label also cited bad management, constant unrealistic contractual renegotiations, and an unwillingness to do promotional appearances as factors that led to her being dropped, so Flash wouldn’t “compromise the integrity of the label.”

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