Joe Budden Calls Gloria Velez Abuse Accusations ‘100% False’

Joe Budden

New Jersey native Joe Budden will be the first to tell you he’s grown a great deal since his self-titled debut on Def Jam, but with growth comes obstacles any person must overcome.

In a recent BallerStatus interview, Budden’s former flame, video vixen Gloria Velez, spoke out against the rapper, revealing that she was physically abused during their brief relationship — a claim he denies very strongly.

“I don’t have anything negative to say about Gloria Velez,” Joe Budden told “All of the allegations against Joe Budden are 100% false and 100% fabricated. I wish [Gloria Velez] nothing but success, and I wish her the best of luck.”

“Am I going to drag her through the mud right now? Not at all. I’m better than that, and I’m bigger than that. Me and Gloria had what we had; the sh** is history as far as I’m concerned. I have nothing to say about her, but positive things,” added the rapper.

To add to the negativity Budden is accused of, his sophomore release, The Growth, has received a lackluster review in recent issue of Vibe magazine, giving his album a 2.5 rating. In Budden’s eyes, the review is “inaccurate,” and explains that the magazine reviewed an old version of his album, and has since been updated.

“That review wasn’t really valid when I read it,” Budden explains. “[Vibe] pretty much sh**ted all over it. I don’t understand where that came from, because it wasn’t the Joe Budden album; it wasn’t The Growth. It was maybe a lot of old songs. All these articles are coming out in magazines talking about The Growth and reviewing it, when in all actuality, I’m still picking and choosing records to go on the album.”

As far as the updated version of his sophomore release, the rapper gave Blender magazine a listen, which they loved and gave rave reviews about.

“I got four stars in Blender, which is a very, very hard thing to accomplish in Blender magazine,” Budden revealed to BallerStatus. “I got four stars only because I came with my music that I had on me, and I played the records I wanted him to hear, and [Blender] was in love with the album.”

Currently, The Growth is expected to drop in late October.

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