Kansas City Rapper Fat Tone Murdered In Las Vegas

Kansas City rapper Fat Tone, who was considered by Kansas City police as a valuable “person of interest” in the killing of Bay Area legend Mac Dre in 2004, was slain last week in Las Vegas.

According to reports, Fat Tone (real name: Anthony D. Watkins), along with another man’s body nearby, were found by a security guard around 4 a.m. Monday (May 23) in a car that was left running. The car was found in an under-construction housing development near an upscale neighborhood, Las Vegas police said.

Watkins’ death follows the fatal shooting of Mac Dre (real name: Andre Hicks) last November. Hicks’ death is still unsolved.

A year before Mac Dre was gunned down, Watkins was shot and wounded when a gunman opened fire on a vehicle carrying him from an interview at radio station KKFI. Other occupants of the vehicle were said to be from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Watkins’ death is currently under investigation. Police have yet to release any further details.

Another rapper named Ramone C. Davis of San Diego was fatally shot in March 2004 when a man tried to rob him of marijuana in Kansas City, police said.

The endless gunfire between the rappers of each city has led the hip-hop world to believe that a Bay Area-Kansas City feud was under way. Some of Hicks’ fans called for retaliation on various hip-hop Web sites after his death.

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