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Several video models, when interviewed, have said that they are utilizing the medium of music videos to explore other facets of media and entertainment, most notably acting. While Sara Pickett shares these same aspirations, her talent, dedication, and willingness to put in the necessary work to hone her craft make her stand far out from the crowd. After appearing in several music videos, including lead roles in Musiq’s “For The Night” and Sean Paul’s “I’m Still In Love With You,” Sara Pickett is moving forward in her budding career in entertainment with an ever growing list of accomplishments.

Prominently featured on MTV’s Video Honeys, being a correspondent for Weekend Vibe and a model/billboard model for Azzure Denim, Sara is continually making strides on her path to success. Sara Pickett, a 21-year-old model and lead actress in an as of yet untitled independent feature film, which is described as a romantic comedy, took some time with BallerStatus.com to discuss the video modeling industry behind the scenes, her plans for the future, and even declares that current president George W. Bush is amazing. Keep reading.

Ballerstatus.com: So I know this is probably the typical question, but for the people out there who don’t know, how did you get your start modeling?

Sara: It was always something I wanted to do. I went to a fashion show that I was actually supposed to be in, and then a photographer came up to me and was like “you would be great for a magazine I shoot for.” I noticed some pictures on his card, so I was thinking this guy is the real deal. So we kept in touch and then he told me about a casting for a Jay-Z video, then he told me about a casting for Black Men magazine. So I went to both castings, and then I got the magazine cover and I got the Jay-Z video.

Ballerstatus.com: Aight, so I noticed that with a lot of the videos you have been in, that you were the feature besides the actual artist and [the videos] were very tasteful. Was that a conscious decision on your part or is that just the way things happened?

Sara: I think it was a conscious decision because I felt like some videos you want to do and some you don’t for whatever particular reason.

Ballerstatus.com: Following along with that, in your opinion, behind the scenes, do you think video models get treated respectfully?

Sara: I think that we … well I’m not even going to say we (both laugh), but video models don’t get treated with respect because for some reason, being in a video is cool but it kinda carries a negative connotation. I’m struggling to figure out why it does have a negative connotation, but no, I don’t think video models get respect.

Ballerstatus.com: So I’m under the impression that you’ve decided to get out of that field of things …

Sara: I kinda have, I just wanted to give it a break. I get video offers but I just choose not to do them right now. But there may be a video that pops up that is interesting and I’m like okay, gotta do it, but I’ve just kinda fallen back for a little bit.

Ballerstatus.com: So what do you have on your plate right now? Are there other things you’re trying to pursue in media or entertainment?

Sara: Yes definitely. I’ve been doing some commercials and keeping busy by going to various auditions.

Ballerstatus.com: What kind of auditions?

Sara: A couple movies and television.

Ballerstatus.com: So you’re trying to get into the acting thing as well?

Sara: Yes definitely.

Ballerstatus.com: Well personally, I know I’ve heard video models or former video models say they’re trying to do music, and they’re trying to do acting, so what are you doing right now to prepare yourself that will make you stand out from all the rest of them?

Sara: I think it helps that I have a college education, and after I graduate this May, I am going to be enrolled in acting classes this summer. I just feel like I’m serious about it. This is something I want to do and I have to pursue.

Ballerstatus.com: Ok. Now I also saw the MTV feature that you were in where you were one of the three models they showed, and personally I was impressed with you because you came across as the most humble of the group. I was thinking with everything you’ve done, it would be pretty easy to get gassed and …

Sara: (politely interrupts) Are you kidding? Well for me, it’s not easy to get gassed because I haven’t reached my goal yet of acting in film and television in some way. Also, you don’t get gassed because the pay is not that great. It’s not like you do a video and you get a hundred thousand dollars or you do a video and your entire life is changed.

Ballerstatus.com: That’s good for the people to know, you don’t get rich off of being in one video.

Sara: Definitely not. I mean nowadays sometimes, they’ll give video offers for 5000 dollars a day or 10,000 dollars for one day. Those are great to have money in your pocket, but it’s a rarity. That’s why I don’t get gassed. Also, because it’s really short term like yeah, you’re hot this second, but in two seconds you’re not going to be the hot chick, it’s going to be miss 18 year old that just got into the Ludacris video.

Ballerstatus.com: Would you also attribute your not being gassed to having friends that will snap on you and bring you back down to earth in a second?

Sara: Most definitely. I have family like that, and I think that is what keeps me level headed.

Ballerstatus.com: Okay I have a personal question, Hov or Nas?

Sara: Oh my God, Jay-Z of course!

Ballerstatus.com: (Laughs) Why do you say of course?

Sara: Because I am such a big Jay-Z fan, Jay-Z is one of my favorite rappers.

Ballerstatus.com: Aight cool, good to know. So do you have any other dreams outside of entertainment?

Sara: There’s definitely business; I want to own some businesses and be a bit of an entrepreneur, but that’s a little down the line.

Ballerstatus.com: Ok that’s wassup. Now this is a random question, but what are your feelings on the current administration and the war? And are there any other social issues that are important to you?

Sara: I gotta be honest with you, I don’t really follow the war because I find it a bit disturbing that everyday you turn on the television and some soldiers are dying when supposedly we were supposed to be out of there (Iraq) basically a year ago. I just find it hard to hear it, and hard to read between the lines because the news is one of the most filtered sources of information, so I just don’t know. But I do watch the news occasionally. Those are my thoughts on the administration. The war is messed up, obviously, and I think Bush is amazing.

Ballerstatus.com: (Laughs) Why “amazing”???

Sara: Basically, because he put himself back in office in front of our eyes, and almost had most of America believing he genuinely won. That’s why dude is insane because he put himself back in that position. He played the biggest magic trick on us, and most people don’t know what’s going on right front of their face.

Ballerstatus.com: That’s real. Okay, now what is the most boring or the stupidest gotdamn question you’ve ever been asked? Feel free to include anything I’ve said in this interview.

Sara: Oh my god, so many things its crazy! I’m so bad at recalling information like that. I’ve gotten so many stupid questions I can’t even think of one. I can’t really remember, it happens all the time, especially from men.

Ballerstatus.com: I can imagine. Alright so along with that, what question do you wish someone would ask you that no interviewer, myself included, has had the good sense to come up with?

Sara: Um, that’s a good question, how about that question? Let me see … No one has asked me what’s my favorite food or color. Oh, I have good question nobody has asked me: who my agent or manager is. Nobody’s asked me that question, and I would want somebody to ask me that question because I really don’t have an official agent or an official manager, so I’m fishing for a manager or agent.

Ballerstatus.com: Really?

Sara: Yeah, I have people I work with that are more like brokers, but I’m not exclusive with anybody or no one has my back and is focused just on me.

Ballerstatus.com: I see, so that’s what you’re looking out for now.

Sara: Just a manager or agent, so when I have to do stuff, I don’t have to negotiate the money. Somebody who wants to negotiate money and somebody who knows contracts, someone who is looking out for my best interest.

Ballerstatus.com: So agents and managers out there, you have a hot ticket out waiting for you.

Sara: Yeah, it’s hard to find a good one though.

Ballerstatus.com: I can imagine, one that you can trust too right.

Sara: Exactly, because I don’t trust anyone.

Ballerstatus.com: Industry rule #4080 (both laugh) … Aight, that was actually my last question. Do you have any final thoughts for the people out there?

Sara: Just keep a look out for me. I’ve been in a couple commercials and I do print stuff. I don’t stop and I won’t stop as Diddy says (laughs). At some point, it’s funny, I bought my domain name SaraPickettOnline.com. I haven’t setup the website or anything, but probably by the end of the summer I’ll have my website up.

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