Former Death Row Artist Tha Realest Filming Adult DVD

Tha Realest

Former Death Row Records artist, Tha Realest, will be filming a new DVD this Friday (November 12), which will mix girls in the porn industry with his thuggish lyrics.

In conjunction with Antigua Pictures — who will distribute the DVD — and Fat Entertainment, Tha Realest will film a hardcore sex video called “Tha Realest: Way 2 Real.” The video’s setting will be a night club party at the Fatt Entertainment soundstage, who has already booked over a dozen porn stars for the shoot.

“I’ll be rocking the mic, electrifying the whole crowd,” Tha Realest told “Just the presence of my homeboys and nice-looking women. I’ve never seen one done like this. This is something different.”

Along with the DVD, the rapper will include 8 or 9 original tracks on a CD to accompany the DVD, and plans to shoot a part two if the DVD sells well.

The rapper said the video is something he feels good about doing it. “Sex sells man, as bad as people try to make it seem. If the President can get his d— sucked, I can do this,” said the rapper.

The DVD is set to drop a few weeks before the rapper’s debut, titledĀ Witness The Realest, which is slated for release in February of 2005.

Witness Tha Realest will be released through his own label, Omerta Entertainment. Guest appearances include WC, Napoleon from the Outlawz, Dru Down, B-Legit, Richie Rich, Swoop G, and Aaron Hall, among more.

Witness Tha Realest. Witness what I’m all about. I’ve been through a lot, from being shot [in a 1999 drive-by shooting]. I’m talking on some real sh–,” the rapper said. “I’m authentic, straight from the curb, in the hood, in the liquor store, in the strip club, traveling, just living life. It’s the life experience. Hopefully, people can learn from some of the mistakes I made and what happened to some of my peers and my comrades, and get a dose of Tha Realest.”

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