Death Row Records Claims Crooked I Is Still Signed

After an announcement that Crooked I has official parted ways with Death Row Records, the label released a statement debuking the rapper’s claims, and said that he is still signed.

According to the official Death Row website, Crooked I is still legally binded to his contract, despite his claims of being a free agent. Furthermore, the label claims the rapper’s comments come out of jealousy after hearing that a labelmate’s album is scheduled to drop before his.

“Crooked I is still signed,” Jonathan Wolfson, spokesperson for Death Row, said via a statement. “This all stems from the upcoming release of Kurupt’s album Against The Grain. There might have been a jealously element because Kurupt’s new album is dropping first.”

On Sunday (March 7), Crooked I announced his departure from the label, stating his contract had expired as of March 5. And although he was leaving, said he wanted to leave on good terms.

Wolfson added denied that Crooked I was ever released from his contract and legal action would be taken on parties in “interference of contract.”

Crooked I was unavailable for comment at press time.

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