• eBay logo
    Tech   /   Posted 10/13/2014

    eBay Introduces “Buying Guides”, Launches #eBayForTheWin

    eBay has long been the go-to destination for selling/buying items online. However, things don't always sell themselves. So, eBay has launched a new featured called "Buying Guides". With Buying Guides, sellers can provide buyers...
  • Tech   /   Posted 10/10/2014

    Google Uses Camel To Capture Liwa Desert Street View

    Google continues to map the world. It's latest stop is Abu Dhabi's Liwa Desert. Thanks to the tech giant's special cameras and a camel, they've begun capturing images of the Arabian desert for the...
  • Nintendo Twizer game collection
    Tech   /   Posted 10/09/2014

    Video Game Collector Selling Massive Collection

    Avid video game collector Aaron (aka Nintendo Twizer from gaming forums) has placed his entire collection up for sale on eBay for a whopping $164,000. Comprised of over 5,700 titles and 50-plus consoles, the...
  • Tech   /   Posted 10/09/2014

    Vans Makes Xbox One Debut In “Sunset Overdrive”

    Vans makes its Xbox One debut in Insomniac Games' Sunset Overdrive. The sci-fi open world shooter allows gamers to jump around a futuristic metropolis while defeating apocalyptic mutants. Gamers are given virtually endless character...
  • Tech   /   Posted 10/08/2014

    Introducing Plastc: Replace Your Wallet With A Single Card

    Technology continues to make things easier, which is the goal of new start-up Plastc. It's released a single card-sized device that allows you to replace all the credit and debit cards in your wallet,...
  • Bitplay SNAP! 6 iPhone Case With Interchangeable Lenses
    Tech   /   Posted 10/06/2014

    Bitpay SNAP! 6 iPhone Case With Interchangeable Lenses

    iPhone cases are a dime a dozen, so there's many options. Here's a new one, we've recently run across. Tech brand Bitplay has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new iPhone...
  • Xbox One x AAPE by A Bathing Ape Capsule Collection
    Tech   /   Posted 10/06/2014

    BAPE x Xbox One Capsule Collection

    BAPE's sub-label AAPE by A Bathing Ape teams up with Microsoft's Xbox One for a limited edition console and controller featuring the streetwear brand's once-legendary camo pattern. The capsule also features a T-shirt and...
  • Star Citizen
    Tech   /   Posted 10/03/2014

    “Star Citizen” Becomes Largest Crowdfunded Game Ever

    Chris Roberts, the creator of classic video games like Wing Commander, has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for largest crowdfunded game of all-time, reports Yahoo. He launched a Kickstarter campaign two years...
  • Apple iPad
    Tech   /   Posted 10/03/2014

    Apple To Unveil New iPad At Oct. 16 Event?

    After announcing and releasing the iPhone 6, Apple is now gearing up for an event to release the next generation iPad. According to Re/code, the tech giant will hold a special event on October...
  • Tech   /   Posted 10/03/2014

    Mortal Kombat X: Quan Chi (Official Trailer)

    With anticipation building for the 2015 release of Mortal Kombat X, NetherRealm Studios offers up a new trailer focused on the evil sorcerer known as Quan Chi, who makes his return to the series....
  • Windows 10
    Tech   /   Posted 10/02/2014

    Microsoft Introduces Windows 10

    Microsoft officially introduced its latest operating system on Tuesday (Sept. 30) during an event in San Francisco. Most expected it to be named Windows 9, but they skipped over it, telling those in attendance...
  • Tech   /   Posted 10/02/2014

    Dying Light – Be The Zombie (Game Trailer)

    Here's a new trailer for the upcoming action survival first-person, Dying Light, showcasing the asymmetric multiplayer experience. All online players can face the threat of a possible invasion of their game by the Night...