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  • Kevin Durant NBA 2K15
    Tech   /   Posted 05/07/2014

    Kevin Durant Covers “NBA 2K15″

    On the heels of his first MVP award, Kevin Durant is revealed as the cover athlete for the upcoming installment of NBA 2K15. "I'm honored to be selected for the cover of NBA 2K,"...
  • Analogue Nt
    Tech   /   Posted 05/06/2014

    Looking For An Aluminum Nintendo NES?

    Here's one for a bit of Nintendo NES nostalgia: the Analogue Nt. Analogue Interactive recently unveiled a updated unit that offers the "highest quality way to experience the NES and Famicom." Constructed from one solid block...
  • Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
    Tech   /   Posted 05/02/2014

    Samsung Introduces Galaxy K Zoom

    Samsung unveiled this week its new Galaxy K Zoom smartphone, boasting digital camera quality technology. The device features the brand's new K Zoom, which comes equipped with a new retracting lens technology providing 10x...
  • Apple MacBook Air
    Tech   /   Posted 04/30/2014

    Apple Unveils MacBook Air Update

    Apple unveiled recently a slightly refreshed version of its MacBook Air line-up. The new laptop gets a $100 price reduction, and starts with an entry level 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, compared to the former...
  • Tech   /   Posted 04/30/2014

    EA Sports UFC: The Ultimate Fighter Career Mode (Trailer)

    In the fourth installment of EA Sports UFC's "Gameplay Series," the gaming company offers up a preview of the title's Career Mode. In the mode, gamers create their fighter, customize him down to the...
  • Tech   /   Posted 04/29/2014

    Madden 15 (Teaser Trailer)

    Although it's not due until late August, EA Sports unveiled this week a brief teaser trailer for the upcoming Madden 15 title. Starring reigning Defensive Player of the Year Luke Kuechly (of the Carolina...
  • Time-Travel With Google Maps
    Tech   /   Posted 04/28/2014

    Time-Travel With Google Maps

    Google unveiled last week a new feature to Google Maps... allowing users to go back in time. Yes, instead of hopping into Doc Brown's DeLorean, gunning it to 88 mph and heading into the...
  • Jimi by Bluelounge
    Tech   /   Posted 04/28/2014

    Introducing iMac USB Extension: The Jimi

    iMac users have the inconvenience of having to reach behind its display to use the multiple USB ports... but here's a solution: the Jimi. Made by Singapore-based Bluelounge, the device is a "J"-shaped USB extension, specifically for the iMac, solving...
  • Tech   /   Posted 04/25/2014

    Apple iPhone 5s: Powerful (Commercial)

    Apple unveiled this week an ad spot for their iPhone 5s smartphone, sporting the new tagline: "You're more powerful than you think." Set to a cover version of the Pixies' "Gigantic," the ad showcases the...
  • Tech   /   Posted 04/22/2014

    Apple Promises “Better” Future

    Apple is promising to reduce its impact on climate change, moving forward, finding ways to use greener materials and conserve resources for future generations. In a video, entitled "Better," CEO Tim Cook narrates, discussing...
  • LG G Watch
    Tech   /   Posted 04/22/2014

    LG Unveils Android Wear-Powered G Watch

    Electronics giant LG officially unveiled this week, it's upcoming Google-powered G Watch. Powered by Google's new Android Wear operating system, the smartwatch will boast a screen that never sleeps, is water- and dust-resistance, and...
  • Contact Lens With Built-In Camera
    Tech   /   Posted 04/15/2014

    Google Patents Contact Lens With Built-In Camera

    Google recently filed a patent for a new contact lens system that would include built-in cameras. While details are unknown, Yahoo speculates that the technology could potentially allow the tech giant to shrink its...