• adidas Fit Smart Review
    Tech   /   Posted 10/20/2014

    Hands On With The Adidas FIT SMART

    Adidas outpaces their competition with their latest wearable-tech product, the Fit Smart. The fitness-focused device impresses right out of the box with a futuristic design that's just as comfortable to wear as it is enjoyable...
  • Apple x Beats By Dre
    Tech   /   Posted 10/19/2014

    Apple Pulls Bose Products From Stores

    Following the NFL's ban of Beats By Dre headphones from its players during league-related activities, in favor of its official audio sponsor Bose, Apple has rolled out a ban of its own. According to...
  • Techgating
    Tech   /   Posted 10/17/2014

    Football Season: #Techgating Tips

    In celebration of college football season, AT&T has kicked off a campaign called #Techgating. What is #techgating you ask? Well, you've heard of tailgating, right? #Techgating is the intersection of technology and tailgating; whether...
  • Apple iPad Air 2
    Tech   /   Posted 10/17/2014

    Apple Unveils iPad Air 2

    In addition to the iPad Mini 3, Apple also introduces the all-new iPad Air 2 on Thursday (Oct. 16), which is the thinnest iPad ever at 6.1 millimeters. The new tablet weighs less than...
  • Apple iPad
    Tech   /   Posted 10/17/2014

    How Apple’s iPad Is Revolutionizing Businesses Worldwide

    In order to stay ahead of the competition in your business market, you need to always stay at least one step ahead when it comes to the tools used to conduct business in the...
  • iPad Mini 3
    Tech   /   Posted 10/16/2014

    Apple Introduces iPad Mini3

    Apple unveiled Thursday (Oct. 16) the all-new iPad Mini 3. The tech giant's latest tablet boasts a new 7.9-inch Retina display, a powerful A7 chip, advanced wireless technologies and Touch ID. The display also...
  • Google Nexus 6 smartphone
    Tech   /   Posted 10/15/2014

    Google Introduces Nexus 6

    A few weeks after the release of the iPhone 6, Google follows with a new smartphone of their own: the Nexus 6. The Motorola-manufactured phone is the brand's biggest yet, featuring a 6-inch display...
  • Vetru For Bentley Signature Touch Phone
    Tech   /   Posted 10/15/2014

    Vetru For Bentley Signature Touch Phone

    Known for its high-end range of mobile phones, Vertu takes its line to another level with its new Bentley Signature Touch phone. It features a newmarket tan diamond-quilted calf leather outer shell, diamond-knurled titanium side...
  • WWE 2K15 John Cena cover
    Tech   /   Posted 10/13/2014

    “WWE 2K15″ Soundtrack Curated By John Cena

    2K announced Monday (Oct. 13) that the upcoming in-game soundtrack for WWE 2K15 is curated by cover superstar John Cena. It will feature 12 tracks from established and rising artists across the music genres...
  • Powerskin PoP'n iPhone 6 Battery Pack/Case
    Tech   /   Posted 10/13/2014

    Powerskin PoP’n iPhone 6 Battery Pack/Case

    Southern Cali-based Powerskin recently rolled out the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus versions of their popular PoP'n battery packs. The packs feature the brand's patented suction adhering technology, which suctions onto the back of...
  • eBay logo
    Tech   /   Posted 10/13/2014

    eBay Introduces “Buying Guides”, Launches #eBayForTheWin

    eBay has long been the go-to destination for selling/buying items online. However, things don't always sell themselves. So, eBay has launched a new featured called "Buying Guides". With Buying Guides, sellers can provide buyers...
  • Tech   /   Posted 10/10/2014

    Google Uses Camel To Capture Liwa Desert Street View

    Google continues to map the world. It's latest stop is Abu Dhabi's Liwa Desert. Thanks to the tech giant's special cameras and a camel, they've begun capturing images of the Arabian desert for the...