• Jay Z
    Tech   /   Posted 01/30/2015

    Jay Z Acquires Swedish Music Service For $56 Million

    After Dr. Dre made a killing with the sale of Beats to Apple, Jay Z is expanding his portfolio into music streaming with the acquisition of Swedish service, Aspiro AB. According to Bloomberg, the...
  • Canon 50-Megapixel Canon 5DS
    Tech   /   Posted 01/30/2015

    First Look At The 50-Megapixel Canon 5DS?

    While there's been no official announcement, a picture has surfaced online of what is said to be a 50-megapixel version of Canon's EOS 5DS DSLR camera. Rumors say it will boasts a 50.6MP full-frame...
  • Tech   /   Posted 01/30/2015

    Marshawn Lynch & Rob Gronkowski Play “Mortal Kombat X”

    With the Super Bowl just days away, Marshawn Lynch offers up a funny side to his persona, as he battles Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski go head-to-head in Mortal Kombat X on Conan OBrien's...
  • Lil B
    Tech   /   Posted 01/30/2015

    Lil B Creates Vegan-Inspired Emoji App

    Lil B's latest venture outside of music is a partnership with vegan food company Follow Your Heart on a emoji app called VegEmoji. According to its description on iTunes, the app was created to...
  • logo - Apple
    Tech   /   Posted 01/28/2015

    Apple Posts Record Profit Of $18 Billion

    Apple continues to make history. According to The Verge, the tech giant posted its first quarter earnings this week of $18 billion on $74.6 billion in revenue, the highest mark in corporate history. Apple...
  • Tech   /   Posted 01/27/2015

    Mortal Kombat X: Reptile Reveal (Trailer)

    The makers of Mortal Kombat continues to slowly reveal new footage from the upcoming installment, Mortal Kombat X. Now, we get the official reveal for the acid-spitting Kombatant known as Reptile. In the trailer,...
  • Tech   /   Posted 01/27/2015

    Snapchat Launches Discover

    Photo messaging platform, Snapchat, rolls out its latest feature, via a partnership with various media leaders, called "Discover." The feature allows users to consume news curated by media companies in a familiar, social media-friendly...
  • Tech   /   Posted 01/26/2015

    Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc “Killcameraman” (Trailer)

    With the Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC dropping this week, Activision rolls out this new trailer, dubbed "Killcameraman." "Ever wonder who's on the other side of the KillCam?" asks the game makers....
  • Limited 00001 PlayStation 4
    Tech   /   Posted 01/26/2015

    20th Anniversary PlayStation Sells For $129K At Auction

    In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Sony released a limited edition PlayStation 4 in the original-PlayStation gray... which sold via auction for charity. According to The Verge, the console was the first console of...
  • Smart iReach
    Tech   /   Posted 01/22/2015

    Introducing The Smart iReach Selfie Stick

    With selfies such a standard for everyone, the selfie stick has become a popular product... and the Smart iReach touts itself as quality version of the throwaway stick. It's made of carbon fiber, is...
  • Microsoft HoloLens
    Tech   /   Posted 01/22/2015

    Microsoft Introduces Hologram Goggles: The HoloLens

    In addition to introducing the new Windows 10, Microsoft unveils its futuristic HoloLens goggles, which enable the user to see high-definition holograms. Touted as a device that "for the first time ever" seamlessly blends...
  • ColorWare Unveils 24k Gold PS4 & Xbox One Controllers
    Tech   /   Posted 01/21/2015

    ColorWare Unveils 24k Gold PS4 & Xbox One Controllers

    The latest custom pieces from ColorWare is a pair of PS4 and Xbox One controllers, done in 24K gold. The custom controllers went through a long process for the finalized product, so each were...