• Tech   /   Posted 02/21/2015

    Samsung Teases 2015 Galaxy Smartphone

    Samsung teases their next Galaxy smartphone in this 45-second clip, while announcing that the unveiling will come during a special event in Barcelona on March 1. In the clip, viewers get a look at...
  • Leica M-P Typ 240 'Safari' Kit
    Tech   /   Posted 02/21/2015

    Leica M-P Typ 240 “Safari” Kit

    Leica unveils this new limited edition M-P Typ 240 camera equipped with a Summicron 35mm f/2 ASPH lens, dubbed "Safari." It features a a rugged lacquered and leatherette case, paired with a chrome finish...
  • Tech   /   Posted 02/19/2015

    Adobe Celebrates Photoshop’s 25th Anniversary

    Software brand Adobe celebrates the 25th anniversary of their flagship product Photoshop with this newly released video titled "Dream On." Set to Aerosmith's hit single of the same name, the minute-long clip taps artists...
  • Tyler the Creator
    Tech   /   Posted 02/19/2015

    Tyler The Creator Wants To Make His Own MTV, Cartoon Network

    Odd Future frontman Tyler The Creator has partnered with production firm Whalerock Industries for what the rapper hopes will be the new generation's MTV or Cartoon Network. "We're just cutting out the middle-man. Technically, I'm...
  • Barry McGee x Beats By Dre Pill Speaker
    Tech   /   Posted 02/18/2015

    Barry McGee x Beats By Dre Pill Speaker

    Artist Barry McGee was tapped by Beats By Dre for this limited edition version of the Pill speaker. Released as part of the Apple Artist Series, McGee uses geometric themes and cartoon-style characters for his...
  • Sony SmartEyeglass
    Tech   /   Posted 02/18/2015

    Sony Introduces The SmartEyeglass

    After announcing it's jump into the smart glasses category last Fall, Sony offers up a first look at the development of the SmartEyeGlass. The first prototype, dubbed SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1, is a transparent...
  • Ztylus Metal ZIP-6KG Kit For iPhone 6
    Tech   /   Posted 02/16/2015

    Ztylus Metal ZIP-6KG Kit For iPhone 6

    The amount of iPhone accessories are endless, but only a handful really catch your eye. The Ztylus Metal ZIP-6KG Kit for Apple's iPhone 6 does just that. The doubles as both a case and...
  • 'Back To The Future' Delorean iPhone Case
    Tech   /   Posted 02/14/2015

    “Back To The Future” Delorean iPhone Case

    For all your Back To The Future comes this awesome new case, designed specifically for the iPhone 6. Moulded to the shape of the iconic car, the Delorean iPhone Case features awesome detailing from...
  • Saturday Night Live
    Tech   /   Posted 02/13/2015

    “Saturday Night Live” Launches Own App

    Iconic sketch comedy series, Saturday Night Club, is now available everywhere you go with the launch of its own app. With so many episodes and sketches, you can now have them at your fingertips and...
  • Leica M-P 'Lenny Kravitz' Edition
    Tech   /   Posted 02/13/2015

    Leica M-P “Lenny Kravitz” Edition

    Rockstar Lenny Kravitz teams up with camera maker Leica for this limited edition of the brand's M-P Type 240 camera kit. The camera features an all-black design, a sapphire LCD cover, 24 megapixel full-frame...
  • Olloclip Offers Limited Valentine's Day Photo Lens
    Tech   /   Posted 02/12/2015

    Olloclip Offers Limited Valentine’s Day Photo Lens

    To celebrate Valentine's Day, Olloclip is offering a limited edition red pendant with orders of any of its iPhone 6 lens. The company offers an array of interchangable lens for your iPhone, including fisheye, wide-angle,...
  • Tech   /   Posted 02/08/2015

    LOL! Senior Citizens Try Virtual Porn For First Time

    Complex recently enlisted a number of senior citizens who tried out virtual porn for the first time, using Oculus Rift technology. Wearing the new Samsung Gear VR, the seniors get a glimpse at adult...