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  • 99-Pack Peacemaker Anytime Ale
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/28/2014

    Texas Brewery Releases Limited 99-Pack Of Beer

    Austin Beerworks are set to bring back their Peacemaker Ale, but have renamed it the Peacemaker Anytime Ale... because they feel it is a good beer any time of the day. And, because you...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/28/2014

    Steak w/ Whiskey Caramel Sauce By Adam Perry Lang

    Barbecue master Adam Perry Lang appeared on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to share this delicious new recipe for monster chuck roll steaks with a whiskey caramel sauce. Sounds yummy right?...
  • Decapitator by Corkcicle
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/15/2014

    Introducing The Decapitator Bottle Opener

    Corkcicle, the product that keeps your wine at the perfect drinking temperature, introduces its newest product: the Decapitator. Made of stainless steel, the item was created to make opening beer bottles a breeze by...
  • Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/13/2014

    Wendy’s Makes Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Permanent

    After bringing it back for the summer, Wendy's announced this week that the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger will become a permanent option on their menu. "The pretzel bun initially returned this summer as a limited-time...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/12/2014

    AMP Energy Introduces “Shark Surfing”

    Just in time for "Shark Week" comes this fake extreme sport by AMP Energy: "Shark Surfing". In support of the brand's "No Bull. Just Energy." campaign, extreme sport enthusiasts Josh and Damien are back...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/12/2014

    Introducing Guinness Blonde Lager: Discover Series

    Guinness invited us to be among the first to try their newest offering earlier this month, Guinness Blonde Lager, the first of a set of beers from Diageo called the "Discovery Series." During a...
  • Newcastle Werewolf Blood-Red Ale
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/11/2014

    Newcastle Bringing Back Limited Werewolf Blood-Red Ale

    After a successful run in 2013, Newcastle is bringing back its popular Werewolf Blood-Red Ale this fall. The concoction is similar to the nocturnal man-beast that serves as its namesake. After opening the bottle,...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/06/2014

    How Menus Trick You Into Spending More

    WSJ Live ran a piece this week, breaking down just how a restaurant will encourage diners to spend more money with tricky menus. "Watch out for fancy long menu names and brightly-colored font the...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 07/31/2014

    A Look At The Oldest Operating McDonald’s In The World

    Though there are 34,000 McDonald's restaurants scattered throughout the world, none of them can compare to the one located in Downey, California (a Los Angeles suburb). The restaurant is one of the originals, dating...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 07/28/2014

    Action Bronson: F*ck, That’s Delicious (Ep. 3)

    Action Bronson returns with episode #3 of his VICE series, "F*ck, That's Delicious." In the clip, the chef-turned-rapper travels around multiethnic neighborhoods in the UK and shows us how to bread and fry chicken...
  • beer
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 07/26/2014

    Beer: Favorite Beverage Among Americans

    American adults have spoken: their favorite beverage is beer. More Americans say they prefer a pint over a glass of wine or a cocktail, according to a new Gallup poll. In Gallup's 2014 Consumption...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 07/14/2014

    Moët & Chandon – “L’ascenseur” Moet Nectar Imperial Rose (Ad Spot)

    French winery, Moët & Chandon, rolls out its first ever commercial for its popular Nectar Impérial Rosé mark, the historical Rosé Champagne leader in the US market. Directed by Samuel Bayer, the ad spot...