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Tagged with: Food & Drink

  • Hundreds x Tapatio hot sauce
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 04/21/2014

    The Hundreds x Tapatio “Cinco De Mayo” Hot Sauce

    Streetwear giant The Hundreds cooks up a very unique collaboration to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, teaming up with Cali-based hot sauce brand, Tapatio. According to The Hundreds, the hot sauce company are big fans...
  • Biz Markie Edition Zevia Cherry Cola
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 04/18/2014

    Zevia Creates Limited Biz Markie Edition Cherry Cola

    Los Angeles-based soft drink brand, Zevia, recently teamed up with hip-hop legend Biz Markie for the creation of a limited Biz Markie edition Cherry Cola. Created to celebrate his 50th birthday and his classic...
  • Southern Comfort Go Drink Yourself
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 04/09/2014

    Win A “Mug Of Your Mug” From Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort recently launched a funny competition to promote their new website called "Go Drink Yourself." It encourages drinkers to make a delicious drink of their own, enter it into the "Go Drink Yourself...
  • Jerry's Nugget Casino - Double Cut Prime Rib meal
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 04/09/2014

    Jerry’s Nugget Casino (Vegas) To Launch Prime Rib Eating Challenge

    This one's for your meat eaters. In honor of National Prime Rib Day, Las Vegas' Jerry's Nugget Casino announced this week that they launch its Prime Rib Eating Challenge on Sunday (April 27) to willing...
  • Organic Ocean Vodka
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 04/07/2014

    Introducing Organic Ocean Vodka

    The vast amount of vodka options on the market is astounding. However, we came across a unique offering from Maui-based Organic Ocean Vodka. Touted as the "only vodka in the world made with ocean...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 04/03/2014

    1800 Tequila x Ray Liotta: “Enough Said”

    1800 Tequila continues it campaign with actor Ray Liotta, rolling out a new two-minute piece, dubbed "Enough Said." The clip is based on the simple premise that the tequila landscape is too cluttered with...
  • AMP Energy Dale Jr. Sour
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 04/02/2014

    AMP Energy Releases Limited “Dale Jr. Sour” Flavor

    AMP Energy announced Wednesday (April 2) the launch of a limited flavor in collaboration with NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. called "Dale Jr. Sour," a sour grape flavored drink, available now 7-Eleven stores for...
  • Captain Morgan Taco Rum
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 04/01/2014

    Captain Morgan Introduces Taco Rum

    Are you ready for Taco Tuesday? Captain Morgan hopes you are, and wants to liven up the afternoon with the introduction of Taco Rum. The taco-flavored white rum is created from a mixture of...
  • Chick-fil-A
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 03/31/2014

    Chick-fil-A Takes KFC’s Crown As Chicken King

    After years of leading the industry, KFC has been dethroned as the fried chicken king. The new champ? Chick-fil-A. According to Bloomberg, Chick-fil-A has become the leader in the U.S. chicken [quick-service restaurant] segment,...
  • Pringles Sriracha
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 03/25/2014

    Pringles Rolls Out Sriracha-Flavored Chips

    The Kellogg Company has recently rolled out the latest flavor for its Pringles brand: Sriracha. Already available at Walmart locations, the chips boast the flavoring of Thailand-based Siracha sauce, thanks to the addition of...
  • New Belgium Snapshot Wheat Beer
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 03/20/2014

    New Belgium Introduces Snapshot Wheat Beer

    Colorado-based brewery, New Belgium, recently introduced their latest beer: the Snapshot Wheat. Brewed with wheat and pale malt, the new beer pours a hazy pale straw with light white foam and a sticky lacing, while...
  • Limited Sprite x LeBron James 6Mix Soda
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 03/20/2014

    LeBron James, Sprite Releases Limited 6Mix Soda

    LeBron James has teamed up with Sprite for a limited edition flavor called the 6Mix. The new drink combines traditional taste of the signature lemon-lime soda with a splash of cherry and orange flavor....