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  • 50 Cent
    Music   /   Posted 09/04/2014

    50 Cent & G-Unit Talks Group Reunion, How They Fell Apart

    50 Cent and G-Unit stopped by Power 105's The Breakfast Club radio show this week to discuss a range of topics -- including the group's comeback. "It was from [Lloyd Banks], he called," Fif...
  • 50 Cent
    Music   /   Posted 08/27/2014

    50 Cent To Mayweather: “If You Want To Fight, I’ll Be In Vegas”

    50 Cent continued his campaign against Floyd Mayweather early Wednesday (Aug. 26), yet again mocking his reading skills... and challenging him to a fight. The rapper took to Instagram, posting an image of a...
  • Floyd Mayweather
    Sports   /   Posted 08/26/2014

    Floyd Mayweather’s Camp Proves He Can, In Fact, Read

    Despite 50 Cent recently mocking Floyd Mayweather, claiming he can't read, and The Breakfast Club following with an audio clip of the boxer struggling to read drops for their radio station, Mayweather's camp releases...
  • 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather
    Sports   /   Posted 08/26/2014

    50 Cent Says Floyd Mayweather Is One-Dimensional

    Following his public mocking of Floyd Mayweather's reading ability, 50 Cent further addresses his former friend in a new interview, saying the boxer also struggles when it comes to business, despite public perception. "Floyd is...
  • G-Unit - The Beauty of Independence
    Music   /   Posted 08/25/2014

    G-Unit Releases Surprise EP, “The Beauty of Independence”

    G-Unit is back. 50 Cent and company pulled a Beyonce, dropping a six-track digital EP on Sunday (Aug. 25) at midnight, entitled The Beauty of Independence. The release is the group's first project since...
  • Floyd Mayweather
    Sports   /   Posted 08/22/2014

    The Breakfast Club Exposes Floyd Mayweather’s Reading Struggles

    After 50 Cent taunted Floyd Mayweather with a special ALS challenge focused on reading, The Breakfast Club did some serious shaming on the boxing champ with audio revealing his struggles with reading. On Thursday...
  • Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 08/22/2014

    50 Cent Taunts Floyd Mayweather With Special ALS Challenge

    50 Cent used the trending "Ice Bucket Challenge" -- created to encourage donations toward ALS research -- to taunt former friend Floyd Mayweather Jr. The rapper posted a video Thursday (Aug. 21), in which...
  • Music   /   Posted 08/21/2014

    G-Unit – Come Up (Video)

    50 Cent the G-Unit offer up a visual to their single, "Come Up," the first song the group released since reuniting after their memorable Summer Jam set earlier this year. In the Eif Rivera-directed...
  • 50 Cent x SMS Audio
    Tech   /   Posted 08/14/2014

    50 Cent’s SMS Audio Partnering With Intel?

    After 50 Cent hinted at an upcoming tech deal for his SMS Audio headphones line during an interview with the Wall Street Journal earlier this month, word is it could be with Intel. According...
  • 50 Cent
    Music   /   Posted 08/09/2014

    50 Cent Revisits 1999 Song “How To Rob”

    Before signing with Dr. Dre and having breakout success with "In Da Club," 50 Cent was an artist on the rise. But, the 50 of back then wasn't much different from the one first signed...
  • 50 Cent
    Tech   /   Posted 08/09/2014

    50 Cent Talks SMS Audio, Says Major Deal Coming

    50 Cent sat down with the Wall Street Journal this past week, where he discussed the success of his SMS Audio line. First, he explains how high-profile investors Timbaland and Carmelo Anthony become involved,...
  • 50 Cent
    Music   /   Posted 08/08/2014

    50 Cent Says He’s Done Spreading Negativity

    Although beef fueled his fast rise to the top of the hip-hop game early in his career, 50 Cent says he's done with beef. In an Instagram post this week, the hip-hop mogul declared...