• Entertainment   /   Posted 02/04/2015

    Marvel’s Daredevil (Teaser Trailer)

    Netflix rolls out the first teaser trailer for its upcoming new series, Marvel's Daredevil. The series is centered around Matt Murdock, a man blinded as a boy who was imbued with extraordinary senses. He...
  • Entertainment   /   Posted 02/03/2015

    Jimmy Fallon Spoofs “Fresh Prince” Opening Sequence

    In honor of The Tonight Show's week in Los Angeles, host Jimmy and The Roots parody the opening title sequence of Will Smith's hit 1990s TV series, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Scene-for-scene, Fallon...
  • Entertainment   /   Posted 02/03/2015

    NBC News Anchor Raps Snoop Dogg’s “Who Am I?”

    NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is back for another skit on The Tonight Show, in which Jimmy Fallon's team edits his news segments together to have him rap a hip-hop classic. This time,...
  • Entertainment   /   Posted 02/02/2015

    “The Simpsons” Opening Intro Pixelated

    The Simpsons have become one of the most popular TV series ever. One of its most popular features has to be its intro, which is also referred to as the couch gag. Animators, Paul...
  • Our 5 Favorite Super Bowl 2015 Commercials
    Entertainment   /   Posted 02/02/2015

    Our 5 Favorite Super Bowl 2015 Commercials

    In addition to an exciting Super Bowl, many viewers pay more attention to the commercial than the actual game. From spots featuring Snoop Dogg to Jeff Bridges to Kate Upton, there were plenty entertaining commercials...
  • Katy Perry gets XLIX tattoo.
    Entertainment   /   Posted 02/02/2015

    Katy Perry Celebrates Super Bowl Performance With Tattoo

    Katy Perry killed it with a stellar performance during the Super Bowl XLIX half time show on Sunday (Feb. 1), bringing out Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot. During the show, the pop star ran...
  • Entertainment   /   Posted 02/02/2015

    Heroes Reborn: The Aurora (Super Bowl Spot)

    A year ago, NBC teased the return of the popular series, Heroes, but hasn't followed with much info since. However, the network surprised fans on Sunday (Feb. 1) ... when it aired another brief...
  • American Sniper (Official Trailer)
    Entertainment   /   Posted 02/02/2015

    “American Sniper” Scores Highest Super Bowl Weekend Ever

    American Sniper shot down a box office result with a $31.9 million, the biggest Super Bowl weekend ever. The film has brought in $248.9 million domestically in six weeks, making it the most lucrative...
  • Entertainment   /   Posted 02/01/2015

    Jurassic World (Super Bowl Trailer)

    Following a full-length trailer last fall, Universal Pictures offered up a new look at the upcoming summer blockbuster, Jurassic World, during Super Bowl XLIX. In the clip, fans get to see new scenes and...
  • Entertainment   /   Posted 02/01/2015

    Get Hard (Official Trailer)

    Actors Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart share the silver-screen for the first time in Warner Bros' comedy, Get Hard. The Etan Cohen-directed film sees millionaire James King (Ferrell) scrambling to get his affairs in...
  • Victoria's Secret Angels Cover 10 Magazine
    Entertainment   /   Posted 02/01/2015

    Victoria’s Secret Angels Cover 10 Magazine

    For its Spring/Summer 2015 issue, 10 magazine offers up a modern pin-up look by tapping the "Angels" of Victoria's Secret. Working with the creative director for the lingerie brand, they created 12 magazine covers...
  • Entertainment   /   Posted 01/31/2015

    Insurgent (Super Bowl Trailer)

    Here's an advanced look at the Super Bowl XLIX pregame trailer for the Divergent sequel, entitled Insurgent. In the film, Shailene Woodley returns as Tris, who is know on the run from the power-hungry...