• Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/11/2015

    Noisey Presents: Welcome To The Trap (Ep. 5)

    Noisey returns with the fifth episode of their "Welcome To The Trap" series, which explores the subcultures that influence regional hip-hop movements. In this clip, Thomas goes for a ride along with a police...
  • Reddit Snoo vinyl toy
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/10/2015

    Reddit Releases Vinyl Toy Of Snoo Mascot

    Reddit, the "Front Page of the Internet," has released a vinyl toy of its familiar Snoo logo, aka it's alien mascot. "Some toys just make us smile and this 3-inch-tall vinyl Snoo is no...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/10/2015

    Miley Cyrus Releases Bondage Video At NYC Porn Film Festival

    Miley Cyrus continues of her run of racy content, her latest being a short film dubbed "Tongue Ties," which was submitted to the New York City Porn Film Festival. In the clip, the young pop...
  • Heinz Debuts Sriracha-Flavored Ketchup
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/10/2015

    Heinz Debuts Sriracha-Flavored Ketchup

    The Sriracha craze continues, as Heinz hops on the trend with the release of a new sriracha-flavored ketchup. The new flavor is said to maintain the taste and consistency of Heinz ketchup, but with...
  • Woah! Massive Star Wars Snow Sculpture From Sapparo Snow Festival
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/09/2015

    Massive Star Wars Snow Sculpture At Sapporo Snow Festival

    Each February, artists build more than 200 snow and ice sculptures in Japan for the Sapporo Snow Festival, but this one is impressive. Sponsored by Disney, this massive sculpture pays tribute to the iconic...
  • UBER
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/09/2015

    Uber CEO Reveals Goal To End Car Ownership

    After transforming the taxi landscape, Uber has bigger plans for its future. According to Business Insider, the company's CEO Travis Kalanick recently revealed an ambitious plan to make ber so affordable and consistent that commuters...
  • Alacran Cristal Tequila
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/09/2015

    Alacran Tequila Launches New Alacran Cristal

    Mexico-born Alacran Tequila has just released its latest product: Alacran Cristal in the marketplace. The latest release is an ultra premium anejo tequila, packaged in a sleek-looking, clear glass bottle. It uses agaves from...
  • Audi x Heimplanet Inflatable Camping Tent
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/09/2015

    Audi x Heimplanet Inflatable Camping Tent

    Germany-based travel equipment specialists Heimplanet links up with Audi for this inflatable camping tent. Made to fit Audi's Q3, Q5 and Q7 models, the tent is based off Heimplanet's award-winning "Cave" tent, which easily...
  • Nafea Faa Ipoipo painting by Paul Gauguin
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/08/2015

    Gauguin Painting Sells For Record $300 Million

    Art can be one of a collector's most expensive splurges, especially when you're plopping down millions for a piece. According to the Wall Street Journal, a 1892 painting by French artist Paul Gauguin called...
  • Land Rover Defender Heritage Limited Edition
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/08/2015

    Land Rover Defender Heritage Limited Edition

    Land Rover will surely mourn when the car maker ends production of its iconic Defender in 2015. To celebrate the SUV, which will be surely missed, Land Rover is releasing this limited Heritage edition....
  • Snoop Dogg
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/07/2015

    Snoop Dogg Raising Fund To Invest In Marijuana Startups

    With the success he's had over the years, Snoop Dogg hasn't remained relevant simply off his music, but also for his business acumen. In recent year, he's aligned himself with a variety of brands,...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 02/07/2015

    Forbes: The United States of Marijuana

    With marijuana continuing to be more widely accepted, as laws ease and public opinion leans towards legalization, Forbes looks inside the billion dollar industry. The clip breaks down the rise in use, it's sales,...