• StreetDome Skate Park In Haderslev, Denmark
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/29/2014

    Inside StreetDome Skate Park In Haderslev, Denmark

    The architect team at CEBRA collaborated with Danish skate vet Rune Glifberg for this amazing community center in Haderslev, Denmark. Dubbed the StreetDome, the facility is made up of a 65,000-square-foot plot with a...
  • Courvoisier Halloween Cocktail Recipes
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/29/2014

    Courvoisier Halloween Cocktail Recipes

    Halloween is around the corner and whether you plan to stay home or "Pass The Courvoisier" like Busta Rhymes, Diddy and Pharrell, Courvoisier kindly has you in mind, presenting two spookingly good cocktail recipes...
  • Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/28/2014

    Nas Traces Roots Back To Enslaved Ancestors

    Nas appeared on an episode of PBS's Finding Your Roots, where he traced his family tree back to his enslaved ancestors. In the clip, the rapper is presented with a bill of sale for...
  • Trion Nemesis RR
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/28/2014

    Trion Introduces Nemesis RR Superstar

    California-based car company Trion introduces their latest supercar: the Nemesis RR. The hand-crafted ride features the stunning exterior you'd expect from a supercar, alongside a driver-focused interior controlled primarily via digital touchscreen. Under the...
  • Star Wars by Thomas Dagg
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/28/2014

    “Star Wars” In Real Life By Thomas Dagg

    Canadian photographer Thomas Dagg recently released this series of images, in which he inserts popular elements from the Star Wars franchise into modern urban landscapes. He turned his childhood toys into realistic additions to...
  • Richard Petty Driving Experience With Net 10 Wireless [Recap]
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/28/2014

    Richard Petty Driving Experience With Net 10 Wireless (Recap)

    Net 10 Wireless invited to Charlotte, North Carolina (October 23-25) for a NASCAR-filled weekend full of racing and good company. We kicked off day one with a visit to Charlotte Motor Speedway for...
  • Duke Cannon's Beardsman's Clear Shaving Gel
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/24/2014

    Duke Cannon Introduces Beardsman’s Clear Shaving Gel

    As Movember season inches closer, men around the world will begin to meticulously grow beards and mustaches for a great cause. Sounds great, right? Well, not so much when you prick your girlfriend, bae,...
  • PaperGold
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/24/2014

    Introducing PaperGold Bills

    Gold has long been an asset that you can count on holding its value. So, with that said, a company has launched an new commodity called PaperGold, made from a process that transforms the valuable metal...
  • Jennifer Lawrence - Beverly Hills home
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/24/2014

    Inside Jennifer Lawrence’s Beverly Hills Home

    Actress Jennifer Lawrence recently bought herself a brand new home in Beverly Hills for $8.2 million. Previously owned by Jessica Simpson, the home was remodeled by its last owner, who said it was "done...
  • French Montana shows off six-pack
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/23/2014

    French Montana Shows Off Six-Pack, Chiseled Physique

    Despite breaking up with Khloe Kardashian in September, French Montana continues to work... on his physique. When he broke onto the scene in 2012, the New York rapper wasn't in the best shape, but...
  • Guinness 1759TM
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/23/2014

    Guinness Introduces Limited Edition 1759TM

    Guinness follows the release of its new Blonde Lager with yet another beer for the holiday season -- the limited edition Guinness 1759TM. The new beer is an ultra-premium, limited edition amber ale, brewed...
  • An Evening With Mr. Maurice Hennessy And Hennessy V.S
    Lifestyle   /   Posted 10/23/2014

    An Evening With Mr. Maurice Hennessy

    Hennessy invited BallerStatus to the lavish Hercules Estate in Hollywood Hills Tuesday night (October 21) for a private reception with the 8th generation Hennessy heir, Mr. Maurice Hennessy himself. The apex of the night,...